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Wh-…I… I’ll call my hit when I get hit, dude. I have cameras all over me; I’m not gonna play and not call my hits, my dude. I’m vouching for him. I saw. Nothing hit him. Hello everybody, and welcome to another airsoft gameplay video.

Today, there’s a little bit of a ruckus. Somebody accuses me of cheating in airsoft, and now, luckily, I had all my cameras on me to be able to show you guys that that just wasn’t the case. I hope you guys enjoy this video, and if you do, remember to leave a like and a sub.

Guys, cover? Today, I’m playing at Panther Airsoft in Surrey, [British Columbia], using a G&G Combat Machine CM16 SRL, showing you guys you can have a good time without spending a whole whackload of money on your gun.

Thanks! Good job for calling that, dude. Thank you. As you can see, getting to a well covered position like this, makes it almost impossible for the enemy to push up on you. Oh my God, I made him fall down! Do any of you guys have a spare Hi-Cap? Yep.

You didn’t…die. Yep. Oh, that squirrel! Sorry, man! I just about killed a squirrel, Michael. *multiple apologies* Just one guy, one more guy. My position is…slightly hot. Now this is the part of the video where it gets its name.

I, to the best of my abilities, cannot see any part of my body getting hit by a BB. I know the camera doesn’t show my entire body, but between these two angles, you can see no BBs come towards me. This is why I hate when people call out cheaters because you cause drama where there doesn’t need to be.

If you’re playing with a good group of people, they’re going to call their hits if they feel themselves getting hit. Watch this video, and judge for yourself. How did none of those hit you, my dude? Did none of those hit you through the bush? No, I guess I didn’t hit you either.

I’ll call my hit when I get hit, dude. I have cameras all over me; I’m not gonna play and not call my hits, my dude. I’m vouching for him. I saw. Nothing hit him. I didn’t…eh, to clarify, I felt and heard nothing on my body.

You alright? I really gotta fix my foggin, dude. Got em. No, we’re looking good. Gun, hit, hit. Why don’t we retreat a little? Let’s be good guys. Don’t know how much is left in there. Gotta hit the guys, not the tree.

Wow, you did! Look at that! You just got featured! Okay, let’s be good guys. Let’s go back. Anyways, I think I gotta leave it at the fact that neither of us hit each other. It was finally ended when I ran up on him with my pistol, but other than that, I don’t want to cause any drama.

Um, the guy ended up calling his hit afterwards, so we had a good time. So that’s it for this episode, guys. Like I said, maybe he hit me and I didn’t feel it. Maybe I hit him and he didn’t feel it. It’s just part of the game.

Sometimes that stuff happens, but there’s no need to freak out at people about it. There’ve been many times when I’ve shot people and I’ve know that I’ve hit them, and they didn’t call it, and you’ve just got to deal with it.

It’s part of the game. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this episode, and if you did, remember to leave a like and a sub, and we will see you on the next one!


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