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World’s FASTEST Airsoft BBs +MACH 4 – What will they destroy?

World’s FASTEST Airsoft BBs  +MACH 4  – What will they destroy?

oh boy error error splashed the chronograph there goes the coronagraph folks thank you goodnight he pulled me team is a bustling spirit worship see war hello everyone this is jeff of taofledermaus the legendary york’s brave contacted me wanting us to build this crazy arrow launcher or crossbow launcher that would Fitness shotgun I asked Danny if you would like to take on this project and he definitely did we’re still in development we have some hiccups here and there but one thing Danny noticed was the inside diameter the tube will fit a six millimeter airsoft BB so we wanted to find out how fast we could actually get one of these things going alright folks what we got here now this is something new and different 12-gauge the 38 chamber adapter with a what was that 5/16 I believe so yeah a Mel meter a millimeter stainless tube welded to the end of the adapter blank in here BB here I’m gonna make sure the bb’s all the way down that’s crazy I’m dying to see how fast these will go though oh no rejection problem yeah alright ok let’s get us a go ok I’m ready that hit 2739 whoo even with this very light powder load we were getting German Mauser rifle like velocities with an airsoft BB o 31 39 38 what is it I’m blind 31 98 excellent 7 green ok let’s see if I can break that 4,000 feet per second barrier ok I’m ready when you are 36 at these higher velocities we start seeing weird stuff little flashes of light when the airsoft BB’s contacted most of the surfaces of the targets all right that thing wants to shoot left with that everything just left what’s up he’s California I know all right that last one here that was seven grains here if we got a full pass through oh yeah look at that that’s it right there little tiny one kind of see through my gel this time huh good thing was on the side so we could actually see it you can almost see the wound track running right through there oh yeah yeah definitely these are the first two okay first one scam came out here second one exited here number three was right there yeah get grouping place is consistent I don’t have to build a dedicated gun for them things yeah yeah dang left this gun I tell you I don’t know I mean it’s some kind of aluminum alloy yeah hopefully it doesn’t fly back at us and put our eye out okay wow I saw a little flash even in real time that’s no thin plate it’s it’s probably I don’t know four millimeters thick or something you need to get an idea of the thickness of it before yeah not bad at all what I wonder if a plastic one would go through that same as that last shot with the aluminum pellet this time we’re gonna try a white airsoft pellet I think they’re 0.

2 grain or grams or whatever 35:56 six at speeds over Mach three even this plastic airsoft BB had that little flash when it impacted the aluminum plate all right this is our aluminum one this was a white airsoft didn’t quite go through but man what a dent for a piece of plastic he’s a plastic dude very impressive I’m glad we did that because people like plastic woman that was at what 35 50 yeah 35:56 yeah for plastic pellet or BB not too bad what’s your powder load on that one we’ll see if Danny can hit that little orange I mean that’s that’s pushing it I think let’s try it anytime you ready you hit it not dead center but you hit it that’s good enough if you look really really close you could see a flash when the airsoft BB impacts even this orange oh boy even when the airsoft BB impacted this plastic milk carton there was a little tiny and very fast little flash you’re in that Bertha hokey set up but it yeah I had to put my point of aim about here okay knowing that it was hitting off a little bit high left it didn’t go through oddly and see what we got here it it’s actually inside there I’ll be stained your fingers green there’s a repellent oh did it it flattened it slightly that was a hard impact yeah flat top and it caused an error with our crooner get let plate error that’s a triangle or the pyramid and there’s our airsoft BB what too deep the let play gave us the best flash of all at six strains of e3 in two six millimeter pellets okay babies bb’s pellets whatever bullets lightweight buckshot okay I’m ready when you are it was interesting how there was almost no spread at all between the two balls eight thousand feet per second on those not too bad for making Nelson airsoft shotgun yeah full penetration on first panel just like full penetration on the second one yeah we might have them here I see one shine in there there’s one right there right next to each other that was crazy there’s cool stuff right there mm-hmm it’s good enough excellent any other requests anyone anyone so we got a triple load there load three twos good and three ought to be better and then at threes good ten you know fill the entire barrel up right now we anticipated that viewers would want to see multiple projectiles shot out of this so hopefully that satisfies your curiosity there’s our impact point it’s like one here and two right there see what we got yeah he’s stuck in the wood after going to the jail this one bounced off laying on the table right here now you want to try like a super shot see how much it’s up some you know 10 greens in there let’s see what we have fire yeah how far we can push it that’s right what’d you just do all right since everything you seemed to work really well up to seven grains I just took the powder from a five grain and a 5.

25 grain and put into one so what we’ve got here is 10.25 grains of e3 and it is really there’s no more room you could fit in it it filled the shell to like 3/16 of an inch yeah just enough to put that little foam piece in there that’s a florist foam okay really crumbly stuff so it doesn’t affect the shot all right let’s see if we can get a monster velocity out of that with a single BB maximum load hopefully we get a chronograph reading I am ready when you are oh yeah forty forty six Oh ladies and gentlemen Merry Christmas Merry Christmas thank you patrons without you guys we would never know how fast those were going whoo you


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