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Welche AUSRÜSTUNG nutze ich?! – FEMALE Edition [ENG SUBTITLES]

Welche AUSRÜSTUNG nutze ich?! – FEMALE Edition [ENG SUBTITLES]

Hey Guys Last year, well at the end of last year I presented my gear to you And then some of you asked if Lara could present her gear, too Because for the girls it’s really hard to find clothes, even in airsoft We asked Lara directly So she’s going to present her gear today! Lara? Okay, you should only present your gear, that’s it Okay Hi! Because so many of you asked for my gear on Instagram and YouTube I will just present it to you today Let me say this before, I haven’t been here for long So I play airsoft for maybe one year So this is my first gear Let’s have a look at this together I’d say we start with my weapon It’s a Tippmann M4, it’s custom So it was modified from the outside and from the inside And my personal highlight is this laser emblem, so it’s my personalized Airsoft Helden weapon So that’s the point to my weapon Let’s go on with my goggles, it’s from Bollé with toned glasses It might be the most important part of my gear Because googles are always obligatory as you know And it’s necessary to protect my eyes Because if you run through the forest you don’t take care of every single limb The other point is definetly BB’s If you get one BB in your eye, it’s really bad Sooo, goggles are really important! This mask is a present from Nick to save my mouth and my teeth Because if you get a ball in your mouth, you can easily lose your tooth I saw this already twice, how other players lost their teeth while gaming And I guess especially for the girls it would be dramatic to have a gap in your smile A point which might not be associated with gear but is very important for me when playing airsoft, are my braids I don’t wear them because I think it’s so super stylish but because I have got long hair and it’s so disturbing when they’re in my face while playing in addition it can be kind of dangerous when they entangle So I just do the braids and have my hair under control Let’s go on with my gloves They’re Mechanix in black.

The most important point here is the correct fit Because I had to assert That many airsoft shops are just not laid out for the fact, that I have small hands So this is size S It was really hard to find I’ve been searching high and low, at Conos Store I finally found them The guys there supported me then with finding more stuff in my size Because this was really problematic for me And I received many messages on Instagram with the question, where I get my gear from and what I do even wear So I noticed, I’m not alone with this problem That’s my tactical vest There are magazine pouches integrated already On the one hand it’s kind of practical but I can’t handle it in an easy way So I’m thinking about buying the tacos which you might have seen on the plate carrier of Nick in his video The colour is grey, some of you might say “That doesn’t fit perfectly with your shirt” But I think the colour is pretty cool, so I decided for this one That’s my KHS watch, it’s the “Reaper” it comes with an olive nato tie, this fits perfectly to the colour of the combat shirt I’m always wearing a watch in everyday life but I didn’t want to wear my normal watch on the field, because it can break easyli That’s the reason why I decided for a tactical watch I saw the KHS watches at Nick and the other Airsoft Helden, they were all really pleased So I climbed on the bandwagon Here we’ve got my combat shirt, it’s from Clawgear What I like about is that it’s not very thick, but it keeps me warm Don’t know how the guys from Clawgear did this And I think it’s nice that it is that tight at my wrists Because we played in the snow on “The Hill” before christmas and if you get snow in your sleeve everything is that wet and cold and icky This won’t happen here.

And it’s with Velcro fastener, so easy to put on So if I should get more corpulent arms, it would still fit This is my tacical belt I use it of course because I don’t want my trousers to slip down and to carry my holster from Nuprol with my Glock 17 Gen 4 The Glock is my first own backup So I’m really excited to play with it Next point: my trousers It’s from Clawgear, too Same problem as always, it took so long for me to find some pants that fit I’m not 1,80m and I’m not like Hulk But I finally found this one and it fits just perfectly In addition it’s really useful, because it has got so many bags I could even adjust it at my knees and I could put knee pads in here, too It’s really comfy I can move without any problems, it’s very adaptive So I’m really happy I found these pants Last but not least My boots from Lowa They might not have the typical colour, because there is a small pink strip But I hope it’s allowed to be a little girly even in airsoft I wore them already very often on the field They’re not too hard, so I can run through the forest with rough ground But they support the ankle as well so I didn’t twist my ankle ever That’s it so far with my gear – Very nice, thank you Lara Like Lara said, we’ve been searching so long to find her gear But now she finally made it In the future we will do gameplays together Like we did already on The Hill We hope you liked the video If there are any questions or proposals, just write them in the comments.

Hate …. So see you “A dab?” – “Just say..” – “A dab?” Lara can you dab, too once? Okay I’ll do one, too! Okay no, this would be too hard


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