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VFC Walther PPQ M2 Navy Duty Kit Airsoft Review Deutsch – Eng Subtitle

VFC Walther PPQ M2 Navy Duty Kit Airsoft Review Deutsch – Eng Subtitle

Hello my name is Bruce. Welcome to the BB2K Airsoft Channel Today i show you the VFC Walther PPQ M2 Navy SD “Duty Navy Kit” Have Fun My name is Bond …. James Bond I will show you the packaging of the PPQ M2.

it is not a box. It is a beautyful black plastic case with metal locks. I open it for you and show you the content. A Guide in German, English, French and Spanish. Content: care, safety and function references.

A silencers made of aluminum. Length 20 cm and original markings. also with lock direction. Nice detail. CO2 magazine with 30 shot capacity and magazine extension. and the Walther PPQ Navy M2 SD. PPQ stands for “Polizei Pistole Quick Defence” For me a crazy Mix of languages šŸ™‚ PPQSV or PPQ S would be correct.

But “Polizei Pistole Schnell Verteidigung” sounds uncool. so it is “Quick Defense” Why the name “Navy SD”? SD stands for the Silencer “Navy” stands for the maritime conversion of the PPQ. The water evacuation was improved.

not for the Airsoft ..the Real Steel have this feature šŸ™‚ Out of the water, the weapon is faster in use. I now mount quick the silencer. Quick is quick to say … this cap takes a little longer šŸ™‚ Silencer on Magazine I will show you now the Walther PPQ in motion I come now to the “Bodycheck” of the VFC Walther PPQ M2 NAVY SD in the DUTY NAVY Kit Version what a title! lets go on.

my first feeling when unpacking. it is light in weight with 731 g the airsoft is heavier than the Real Steel (709 g). Length like the Real Steel: 198 mm difference between the normal PPQ: longer Barrel (118mm instead of 102mm) at the end of the barrels is a cap.

Behind the cap is the thread for the silencer. Another difference is the grip extension. This is for large hands. The grip extension is mounted on the magazine. The VFC magazine is a 30 rounds CO2 magazine.

in comparison the standard VFC PPQ M2 Green Gas magazine. it have a capacity of 22 rounds. There are already too buy green gas magazine with extension. the VFC PPQ is made of metal and plastic. the slide is made of metal and the lower frame is plastic.

no color difference between metal and plastic. Great job VFC! I’ll show you now all metal and plastic parts. I disassemble the airsoft, so you can better see. Press down the lever on both sides and put out the slide.

unscrew the cap (takes a little time) here you can find the hopup. I build of the spring. separate the barrel from the slide. all disassembled. Now i can show you the metal parts. As already said. The slide is made of metal.

the sight too. look at this great white 3 point sight. the ejector is made of metal. this is a single building part and not only hinted. Another great point for me. the barrel is metal made. the front part is made of steel the cap is made of metal.

the spring bar is not metal! I think the bar will go broke first. For me, a negative point! the lower frame is made of plastic. Slide Stop Lever and some interior parts are made of metal. I Assembling the airsoft and then it continues.

the assembling is very easy and is very fast. The PPQ has no outer hammer and no external safty. like the Glock or the SW M&P the PPQ have a trigger Safety. To fire the pistol, the trigger safety and the trigger itself, must be deliberately depressed at the same time.

on the front you can see a a rail system. for target aids, such as lasers and lamps. In Germany forbidden!! this is another story. I will show you this gap between grip and slide. the gap is large. compare with the Real Steel.

the grip has an interesting texture. never see this before. slip and very ergonomic. It keeps well in my hand. With combination of the grip extension….. i am excited! as if it was made for me personally šŸ™‚ good grip and so ergonomic.

I’ve never had it with any other airsoft. there is an increase! you can change the grip backs. the same like the VFC SW M&P. unfortunately included in the scope of supply of the PPQ. that does not bother me now.

I’m so excited. the highlight of ergonomics. the PPQ is suitable for left-handers. no thumb rest, two-sided slide release and the magazine button can be changed to the other side. what more could you want? here you can mount a lanyard.

it occurs to me right now. A negative thing is that ugly casting seam this destroys the good overall impression of the VFC Walther PPQ. otherwise everything is great. it is time for the chrono. I shoot with co2 and greengas.

The manufacturer specifications: CO2 = 1,3 Joule / 380FPs Green Gas = 1,0 Joule / 330 FPS suitable for testing. I use Walther CO2 and green gas with 0.2g Bio BBs. i start with green gas. i must reach 330FPS / 1,0 joule.

i fire 5 shots. top value: 320 FPS Now with CO2. i must reach 380FPS / 1,3 joule. with 0,2g BBs. top value: 349 FPS I will show you now the markings of the VFC Walther PPQ M2 Navy SD. VFC did a really good job.

Full license rights with all markings. Let’s start with the slide. The Walther logo and PPQ are milled into the slide! No laser and no white print. This looks great! on the grip you see “CARL WALTHER ULM CO.

” and here in german letters “Warnhinweise beachten” VFC rebuild the german PPQ version and not the american version. on the grip you see the PPQ Logo on both side. on the back of the grip you see the “Transponder ID” behind the grip there is a passiv RFID chip.

if you scan this chip you became some data from the PPQ (Serial, etc.) this is only on the real PPQ. This airsoft version have no chip. But it is a great that VFC don’t forget this detail. on the other side on the grip you see the “F” for the german market.

also the letters “Cal. 6mm BB” on the barrel you see the white printed “Walther” Logo and 9mmx19 ( milled) that’s not all. on the magazine there is a “Walther” Logo with 9mmx19 too. You find also the numbers for the ammunition.

thats all the markings of the VFC Walther PPQ M2. a lie! there’s more markings. i forget the silencer. you see the Walther logo, “Navy SD”, Cal. 9mm, Serialnumber und Porduct number antother little marking.

The Lock direction. thats the word. i put on now the silencer. we need to clarify the question….. OMG ! i must say something the observant viewer has noticed it i have forget another marking šŸ™‚ here on the grip.

on the grip you see a serial number. This number is unique. This meens. the number 14D02453 is mine. now i really put on the silencer šŸ™‚ I make a check. Does this silencer do his job. dummy or not. we will see.

did you hear a difference? I could hardly heard. a very very little bit quieter. For me the VFC Silencer is a dummy. The MK23 Silencer Marui doing his job. The VFC Silencer failed. but I am glad that the silencer exist! it give the PPQ a great look.

and it looks like James Bond šŸ™‚ i unscrew now the silencer. It is time to hit some targets. i shot from 15 meter. The target has a size of A4. i shot on 15 meter with a tripod as target help. So Bruce do not wobble, and the result is clear.

I aim for the red dot on target. i begin with green gas. i change the target. then i shot with CO2. now to the pros and cons of the Walther PKT 1234 ABC DEFG HI JKL QRZ or as it is called correctly VFC WALTHER PPQ M2 NAVY SD Duty Navy Kit Edition a crazy word order but also a crazy replica from VFC.

The beautiful plastic case the silencer a set for only ā‚¬ 179 great for collector and gamer top quality except the seam and the gap . disturbing the spring bar is made of palstik. which breaks down quickly.

full markings. Deep milled not painted or laser. very precise to 15 meters. i can’t check 20 or 30 meter. Maybe you can say something about the precision on this distances. a small point of criticism: the dummy silencer but I am glad that the silencer exist! my conclusion: absolute recommendation to buy! collectors and gamers have a lot of fun with this.

by the way. if you like this review. please give me a like or subscribe my channel. I pack my case and say goodbye. Hope we see us on my next review.


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