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us army airsoft loadout

us army airsoft loadout

hey guys no news from our airsoft here again today this is going to be a battlefield 3 motive and kind of us it’s pretty much the same things my last load ouch but I had different gun some of the cool things so start off here first usually wear camo pants but i only put those on to review here i have my i always forget the name but you can get this a lot of places the skin form of I got airsoft GI for about 48 bucks this is the OE tech spec ops flakin and it I this is probably my favorite plate carrier twenty thirty bucks it’s that letter ring oh [ __ ] have a side Molly space but that’s only down for it kind of carry hand on the back so if your time moves like rescue games reactor for gold I got that you have to mag pouches I have ordered two more on this side door magazine so I pulls on here for faster reloading I knew my gun and don’t worry now before you and go in here then on top of those there’s male leads really like these mala con SERS there Molly on the other side so you can have more things like a dub house like I said I’ll have other stuff there and I have a hydration carrier but it’s hard to put that on so buff that out that’s a gun OEM her mask of got a custom painted mask here it’s been scratched oh and hit my god this is a jg in 1684 33 I’m not sure tonight’s top chef 406 and talk it has a working bolts or like that which adds a little back lights all right got a huge rail system i love this rail systems 12 13 inch rail system you can probably fit a large grenade launcher on here knock around in there and i’m thinking of getting a rocket launcher i’m not i mean very much and i’m not really sure though i’ll stick with grenades for now speaking of grenades is my grenade pouch Stefan that for sometimes I put a radio in here if you need to you need a radio for the game then I use this to this but mostly grenades and I’m back here you see I got some duct tape around here some camo duct-tape side makes it feel a lot better I don’t like the plastic on here i will probably get a poem or body soon I think jeans you make some following the bodies for like 70 bucks i’m not sure Oh check out and I use this gun in kind of like a sniper for the game I’m going to it’s going to be long-distance shooting or you’re either rifleman a scout and if you’re a scout the next game i’m going to you got to be good you’re going to be running everywhere or sniper and this is going to be like in between the sniper and yeah this is actually I basis this done on battlefield 3 as the mark 2 it’s the first sniper rifle you get if you’re on the American side it’s actually a really good sniper rifle looks exactly like them 60 no it’s got a lot of recoil since it’s a Snapple in anti-guerrilla systems for the bunch of things on that also I you sugar gloves and looks like that’s about it please tell us what you just want to see reviews on loadouts videos we’re going to make videos gameplay and a lot of getting place coming up so uh thanks a lot tell us how you guys can see we have plenty time to make more videos so please totally wanna see and


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