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US. ARMY Airsoft Loadout (Updated ACU)

US. ARMY Airsoft Loadout (Updated ACU)

hey youtubers going on Jen here and today I’m making a video on my case you load oh it’s pretty much updated start to the top and go down we got a CH real Kevlar helmet with an M s2000 ESS goggles on oakley flak jackets I also have to do patches in the style show you those in a second work my way down my gun is a rigger GG ABS plastic as an acog peck box and a flashlight and a sound sir the three remotes is high low and stroke also have my call sign over here and my team logo and pretty much for the gun FPS is around a 323 50 so it’s good for cqb next is my best and diamond tactical vest on it I pretty much just have a utility pouch to mag pouches and admin pouch and then i also have a lapel mic consumer here in motorola with all night goes down well below my hydration carrier and then I is the Britney right here I haven’t they also have an ECU frog top with a u.

s. cap Patrick off my friends from the army and a team logo ccr east coast Rangers it’s our team also address regular standard color mechanics clothes and yeah that’s pretty much it everything it’s the same as regular ACU pants and also have a weg 17 so pretty a bizzle but so I also have the black boxer bolster its I have a hard time getting in I how to file it down in the inside but fits pretty good now i need to get stretched too but i mean these pistols I don’t know why they scratch a lot that’s pretty much it show the helmet now oh yeah i also have a just may see you like neck wrap it’s just regular like neck guard here’s the first batch is a rescue on it that’s that one have the team logo right there again and the MS 2000 try this works just put the IR tab up then you turn it on like this the switch that blinks like that and then you pull back the Black Bart turn the blue and the IRR so you can’t see turn that off i saw benji gmail right there and that’s pretty much it for the helmet so sighs me TM ACH that’s pretty much it took her the frogs up but that’s pretty much it for now I’m going to do a video on my Glock and yep so make sure to like comment subscribe thanks


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