Home Airsoft Reviews Tokyo Marui AA-12 DrumMag SledgeHammer Fullauto Airsoft Review Deutsch

Tokyo Marui AA-12 DrumMag SledgeHammer Fullauto Airsoft Review Deutsch

Tokyo Marui AA-12 DrumMag SledgeHammer Fullauto Airsoft Review Deutsch

That is are cool sound and this is an electric airsoft! The sound is so nice! Bruce here. BB2K Airsoft Channel. I am so happy to show you this monster. The AA12 from Tokyo Marui. WTF that is a wicked shotgun you never saw before on a airsoft game i stop talking now.

i start the intro and i wish you much fun with my review. what a wicked sound!! before i start. Let’s talk about the price and where you can buy the AA12. you can buy it from KUMA SOLUTION TACTICAL for 500 Euro.

The Drun Mag has a price of 129 Euro. i but the link in the video description for you Let’s start now with the scope of delivery. What do get for your money. TM has put his AA12 in this beautiful cardbox with a illustration of the AA12.

Marui can not only build quality airsoft, They can also build beautiful boxes 😀 i open the box and now you can see a manual and a bag with targets But now. Look at this. The AA12 lies like a display in the carton.

Nice..if you want you can this on your wall. It looks great. Now the content of the box. You get the AA12 of course… a magazine with a capacity of 93 rounds A Saftey for the barrel, a multi tool for hopup and sights.

a little bag of BB’s and here is the loading tool and the cleaning rod More words to the drummag later in my review That is all what you get for 500 Euro. Let’s start with some info for the real AA12 shotgun.

the AA12 is a recoil reduced and fully automatic shotun. the bolt has a very long circle way. Arround 80% of what the AA12 really need to eject the shell. this reduced the recoil to a perfect way. But also the ROF will be reduced.

The AA12 has a ROF of 300 RPM. But it is not important to shoot a lot of bullets. It is importent to make controlled shots. If you have ever shot a shotgun. You know it. You have to hold it right! Unless.

You get bruises 🙂 The AA 12 is very gentle to shoot. It looks like a monster but it is only a monster to the target. A child could shoot the AA12 without falling down. I tell you something about the history of the AA12.

On the left you can read some data if you want. AA12 stands for Atchisson Assault. 12 for the caliber. desined 1972 by Maxwell ……… Atchisson (of course 🙂 ) it has a ROF of 300 RPM and a effective firing range of 100m.

1987 Atchisson sold the rights to Military Police System (MPS). MPS redeigned the AA12 of a period of 18 years. the name AA12 remains but the first “A” stands now for AUTO. So it calls Auto Assault 12 2004 The first exemplars of the AA12 came to the military There are two version of the AA12.

The STD Version with a barrel lenght of 457mm and a “CQB” version with a barrel lenght of 320mm You can use the AA12 with a 20 rounds drum mag or a a 8 rounds box magazine. The AA12 can shoot a lot of ammunition.

and it can shoot explosive round. So-called FRAG-12 So you have with the FRAG-12 and the AA12 a grenade launcher in your hand. The AA-12 can shoot this explosive ammunition with a effective range of 100m! Renember the ROF of 300 RPM!!! you can saw the FRAG-12 in the movie the Expandables.

But of course very exaggerated 🙂 But the AA12 is not only in the film a winner but also in real life! You can mount the AA12 on a remote controlled vehicle. so you can clean a room without problems.

Nobody wants to have the AA12 ahead! that is not only in the movie and the real life. It is also in the airsoft world. Please be patient. Tomorrow I extend the subtitles


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