Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover the products of one of our new partners. We will discover together the upgrade parts of the mark FIGHTING BRO.

Maybe some of you have seen these products on different sites like Ebay or aliexpress. It gives us the opportunity to introduce you to their range of products and we thank them It is a fairly large package that has reached us and that includes the majority of parts needed to improve the internal of your replica gearbox V2 This review will consist of a first episode of presentation of each of these articles and then a second episode on the assembly in an gearbox and on an internal gun So our partner FIGHTING BRO sent us no less than 22 products that make up their catalog and that we will discover together We start with the elements that make up the internal of your gearbox: So we have to start the elements usually change first on your replicas and it is the CNC aluminum rolling bearing piston head equipped with 8 holes and a protrusion increasing the performance of it The polycarbonate piston with 15 toothed steel teeth for use in 11.

1V LIPO battery. A stainless steel cylinder with a volume of 100% and with a possibility to choose the models 75 and 80% according to your needs A CNC aluminum cylinder head equipped with 2 seals and a damping seal to limit the noise during the operation of the replica, this cylinder head perfectly adapted to the shape of the piston head and its outgrowth Two Flat Tappet including one carbon nylon and one plastic, we will use the nylon version for our assembly A CNC aluminum nozzle equipped with 2 seals A 18: 1 steel gear set for a cadence upgrade and perfect for coupling with the SUPER HIGH SPEED engine we received To allow a correct setting of the gears it is also recommended to use the stainless steel SHIMS proposed in kit of 0,1 / 0,2 / 0,3 and 0,5 mm The electrical part is also proposed in silver wiring DEAN connection to the back of your replica Some small elements in a gearbox have their importance as the aluminum alloy anti-return and its spring the plastic delayer increases the recoil of your tappet plate during its cycle but also the plastic cut off lever and the safety cover We now discover the spring guide on stainless steel bearing perfect to complete the piston head on bearing and accommodate the spring M120 high strength steel To close this gearbox, FIGHTING BRO offers you a flat plastic selector equipped with a silver contactor and which will add this touch of blue which composes a big part of the pieces which we have just presented to you.

Our partner also offers spare gears for your engines in case of breakage or wear We continue on the barrel part this time with the clear plastic hop up block kit that will be embellished with a hop-up 60 ° black rubber seal All the elements of this presentation will be integrated into a gearbox and an external gun to know the performance of this upgrade, it is clear that the power may be quite high given the spring in M120 but the goal is to show you the possible upgrade that FIGHTING BRO offers and you simply need to choose the elements you need and at very attractive prices All the necessary items whose product links will be available in the description of the video Not knowing this brand at all before having contact with this new partner, we will not give any positive or negative opinion on these articles until the assembly in the gearbox is not realized and tested.

Here is the review of the ugrade product transmitted by our partner FIGHTING BRO completed. You can find these products directly via the links of their shop in the description of the video as well as our links AIRSOFT REVIEW We would like to thank FIGHTING BRO for allowing us to present these products.

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