Home Airsoft Funny Moments Stryker Airsoft 5-26-13 (Quick Dom to TDM)

Stryker Airsoft 5-26-13 (Quick Dom to TDM)

Stryker Airsoft 5-26-13 (Quick Dom to TDM)

yeah I don’t run no more but coming they’re gone Oh get it get it get it get it move out of here this am not a good place to stand good shot hey man your vest is all undone oh yeah I don’t know what the flip is what good yo Robin you okay twist then going inside bang the harder for coming out excuse me what is he in the middle Oh go fill out fill out go where he go stop that way Castro you so crazy by the way oh you guys got to stop over there this little thing that says your border mang all right guys guys oh wait don’t know okay there’s a thing you can see no bass here okay look generals quarter stop here okay all right General Quarters up here guys cool you can shoot high off your love you see them on that corner I’m moving oh wait dude you’re not supposed to go past the thing oh cuz you have to stop there he’s right on the corner let me get into work you’re fine you see them on to get down move you want to take the next room did you lure this thought that we’re trying to push all the way up in here if we take the next room all right yeah that corner clear the corner clear everyone gastro you had a mo but do you have em oh yeah sure hold on hi he moving really dude watch your right get in get in get in bang hey got you you got to say bang at least man tioga red light right bag bag bag one more than one more in there watch your lip what you love you that finds that pipe kit you


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