Home Airsoft Cheaters “Stop Stealing All Our Kills Dude…” – Novritsch SSG24

“Stop Stealing All Our Kills Dude…” – Novritsch SSG24

“Stop Stealing All Our Kills Dude…” – Novritsch SSG24

The winner of the 325 euro Giveaway will be announced on Wednesday So a last chance to get into the giveaway by following the steps in the description Sorry dude! I hit him in the face Hey, what’s going on guys? We’re back playing at a field located in the south of the Netherlands I brought my SSG24 to see how it fares in this mixed urban and woodland field and our strategy Is to rush to the tall containers and cut of a section of the map For our team.

First game out of the day is a simple team Deathmatch All have you shared that range? [oh] shit? Yeah it’s starting to rain pretty heavily And there’s a big advantage of using a bolt-action sniper Since there’s no electrical parts that can break because of the rain but unfortunately the same cant be said for my cameras My baby, no, dont die on me no Come on, bro.

oh you get him? yep, well done got his forehead he dodge it. [oh] I Always carry my extra magazines in a bus stop outs that can be quickly opened And it’s completely sealed so no dirt can get into the mag it also gives you a super quick reload All right Second game of the day and the blue team job is to raise their flag in our home base [that] we have to defend Laying prone on the [ground] gives you much more stable shots and gives you the ability to hit people Well Beyond [85] meters using a well-tuned rifle Kind of fucked up my camera a little bit, did you now? I did I got him.

Yeah As a sniper in airsoft you once, they will at a range of fully automatic guns But just in range of your own what on a field like this with shorter distances. That’s pretty difficult Fortunately our team was able to hold off the blue team and the victory went to us this time.

It’s our job to attack motherfucker [please] move this goal. We’re on let’s go. Go. Yeah Sitting in the Dark Corner like this means I’m practically invisible to the enemy Players and have a very hard time determining where the shots are coming from? Before they figure out where I’m shooting from and blast my ass.

I need to move and get out Okay, now there’s actually time to get out Turns out wilst I was in there all my friendly players were eliminated, and I’m now basically on my own behind enemy lines I try to [signal] my teammate the wave at them and showing my colored Armband, but they don’t seem to get the [message] worth It thought new strategy me and my two teammates rushed past the enemy into a well cover position giving us a super good overview of the area near our capture point Sorry, dude I hit him in the face! he’s hit too, huh? he thinks we are out of range (laugh) [what] yo move your fucking dead ass I want to shoot your buddy Yeah, I see him Hit!


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