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[Steyr AUG A2 – ASG] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[Steyr AUG A2 – ASG] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi all, welcome to this review of the ASG Steyr AUG A2 Big thanks to Sword for gun lending The presented model is an AEG In the box you will find… A former user manual in french and english and some practice targets The gun comes with its Nimh 8.

4V 1100 mAh battery with mini tamiya connections You can also find a small bags of bbs A batteries charger A security plug 2 flip-ups plastic aiming devices The Steyr AUG A2 bb gun A cleaning tool The metal parts are shown in red on the screen It is the outer barrel, the upper rail, the upper receiver, sling attachs and of course screws The battery fits in the stock after having removed the but stock Notice there is just enough space The gun has 2 sling attachs, first is on the front of the carry handle And second one is on the stock The safety is just beyond the trigger, it is a 2 positions button Indeed, there is no fire selector on the gun, the semi and full auto modes depend of the pressure on the trigger When safety is ON, i noticed a discomfort on my right hand The button rubing on it At the front of the gun, there is a 3 positions front grip This one shakes a lot when deployed To access to the hop-up , you have to pull the cocking lever The hop-up unit is visible in the 2 ejection windows A rubber part can be used to hide the unused hole The magazine release button is under the stock Almost no mouvment in the magazine loading The gun has a 14mm anti-clockwise flashhider On the gun i was lended The gun owner broke the small lever to free the outer barrel after playing very few games So watch it On the side of the gun, a metalic part hides a small compartment but i don’t know what it is used for Warning, this part moves a lot The few markings are painted and realistic The upper 20 mm rail could received the aiming devices In the box, you will received 2 aiming devices One flip-up front sight and one flip-up rear sight They are made totally with plastic and seem to be fragile You can attach them thanks to a picatinny attach I think those aiming devices are not very convenient I advise you to buy a new aiming device Some small molding marks are present on the back of the gun and on the stock Chrony test The speed is regular at 298 FPS average Shooting test, 20 meters, 0.

20 grams Check the finger pressure on the trigger, semi and full auto


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