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Sniping in Airsoft, Worth it? L96 Review – Gameplay

Sniping in Airsoft, Worth it? L96 Review – Gameplay

hey there software’s emelina w here today I’m going to be doing a review of a Tokyo Marui clone l96 so sit back relax and enjoy the show one of the things I was asking myself before I took this gun out to the field was is sniping an airsoft remotely viable and is it something that can be done with at least some success ultimately I have to say that yes it definitely is viable it does require a completely different playstyle compared to using other airsoft guns but it is still a fun way to play and if you’re patient and practice as much as you can you can see a lot of success so does this sniper rifle fulfil its role in a satisfying way let’s find out first off this l96 clone was made in China so one of the first thoughts I had was whether or not the gun was actually going to be any good surprisingly after roughly a thousand shots being fired through this gun as well as on-field use its held up pretty well one minor complaint I have though is that when I first got this gun I did have to open it up and remove a small limiting valve in the bolt in order to allow this gun to reach its full potential as far as BB velocity is concerned before the valve was removed the gun was shooting around 270 feet per second after it was removed I was getting around 415 to 425 feet per second which has definitely places it in the category of being viable for real use at least here in the US Assembly of this gun for the most part is very easy however the one screw that goes behind the trigger guard isn’t an unreasonably difficult to reach spot you either have to use a small set of pliers or tweezers to get the screw in the right place and push the screwdriver up against it or as you’re seeing here actually completely disassemble the lower receiver of this gun in order to have better access to that spot if you aren’t careful where you’re trying to put that screw in with the body together it can fall into the stock as far as accuracy goes the sniper isn’t bad but it also isn’t great being stock it is definitely usable on the field but in order to get the best accuracy out of this gun upgrade parts would be needed one of my biggest complaints out on the field was that this gun just didn’t have enough range this is definitely due to a large number of factors though internal parts BB density and just the fact that this is an airsoft gun with sniping it is recommended to use bb’s that are at least point three zero grams or more most people would recommend using a point 400 gram but point 300 would definitely be more accurate and would go farther than the 0.

25 that was used continuing on with the hopup this l96 clone has a very large and visible hop up adjustement wheel on the bottom of the gun in the front of the handguard you can turn it either way to give it more or less hop however I did notice that this seemed to not have any effect on the hop-up itself as the BB trajectory is more or less the same no matter where I have just the hop-up dial to overall the strength of the scan is respectable there are no areas where the gun wobbles or seems weak and all in all I definitely would trust that if I were to fall well using this gun or even drop it while on the field it would be able to survive almost completely unscathed I did have an issue with this being a spring powered sniper rifle though with the tension of the spring and the weight of the gun itself on an extremely hot day I was finding that I was having an increasingly difficult time pulling the bolt back and holding the gun up to aim with this in mind for those of you who might not be as strong I would recommend going with a gas-powered sniper rifle instead of this one pulling the bolt back on a gas-powered sniper rifle would not have nearly as much resistance after using the sniper I would definitely say that yes overall it was a very viable gun to use out on the field I definitely had to hang back more and be more careful where I was placing myself as I could very easily be outgunned by anyone using an AEG I personally had fun using the sniper and was pleasantly surprised with how well it performed if you’re interested in purchasing this gun with two magazines included you can email me at mlw sales 26 at gmail.

com unfortunately I will not be including the scope with this gun however everything else you see in this picture will be included anyways this is Menem lightning w signing out


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