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Ref says I’m cheating?

Ref says I’m cheating?

what’s up guys I’m back from Taiwan and it feels good that I finally get to play with my SSG 24 again even though I get into trouble with the rift but more about that later on especially for now the game mode is capture-the-flag it’s located completely in the open which makes it quite challenging to steal it without getting swiss-cheesed Oh a teammate claims that he saw an enemy moving behind a cover right next to the flag so our priority for now is to take that guy down it’s quite close so a grenade should do it as you can see it exploded right behind the tires anybody’s hiding there he must be hit concentrate to respawn the area seems to be clear I tell my teammates to cover me while I try to get the flag okay okay the girl behind the tires claims that the grenade I just threw didn’t hit her well the video tells the truth but I gathered in the heat of the moment she probably didn’t recognize the grenade exploding above her head I don’t think she’s a cheetah yeah pretty sure she’s not a cheetah while I respawn my teammates already stole the flag now we have to keep pushing that our flag team can safely retreat back to our base those three guys weren’t the only ones down there I hear further enemies moving out of the first story of this house flag Iraq safe now respond to be box the next round is a quite crazy one which shows how unfair the range advantage of a bolt-action sniper can be first we have to kill that guy while I cover favi he moves forward to take that guy down we have quite close to the respawn already so it doesn’t make sense to advance further since we’re not allowed to shoot into the respawn so we just looked for a hide with plenty of cover and a good open few towards the respawn and from here on it’s like hunting ducks first of all they have no clue where we’re hiding and they want to spot us don’t have the range to take us down that’s the beauty of sniping right there right after the match people start complaining about the range of our guns apparently some enemies think that our rifles are too powerful and not receive the field limits so they told the ref about it here while I went to our monk associates install Center Domo produced it for vertigo attached to this community to mine it there’s my once one more Lainey push a couple to moon 64 more typical oh yeah okay but perfect what they did is need hope you guys enjoyed this video for videos every Monday and Thursday this is not rich I see you guys on the next video


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