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Punishment of Airsoft Cheater

Punishment of Airsoft Cheater

Cover me! Hit! You? I’m ok, he didn’t hit me. That’s impossible! We must turn back! And try to outflank them! And then we will join the rest of the patrol. Wait for them to come back from respawn. We can wait for reinforcements in that building ahead.

Respawn is over. Ready for action! They are already back. This way. Are you ok? My ankle. It hurts. Leave him. We don’t have time. Go to respawn. It was a ricochet. Aren’t you afraid of the Punishers? You believe in Punishers? Punishers? Who are they? They are said to be women who punish the airsoft cheaters.

Forget about them. They are fairy tail and the myth. Clear! Clear! Clear! You go down and I stay here. We are in the building. Behind the enemy lines. When will you arrive? 5 minutes. Hold your position.

Ok, we will wait. Jacob is that you? No, I’m in the basement. Everything’s clear. Does anybody enter the building? Nobody. Secure the entrance. Marcel? Hey, guys! Don’t play with me. It wasn’t me. Jacob, Jacob.

Check the stairs and come to me. I need help. What? Crap! Let’s go out. What?!? No… They are not real. That’s impossible. Leave me alone. I don’t believe you exist. Hit! Hit! Yes I’m hit! Hit! Hit! Do you believe now? Yes.

Remember… Always call your hits. Yes. Of course. We are here. Is everything all right? Yes.. No. I have to go to the respawn. I didn’t call the hit too! Me neither.


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