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Police: Man shot friend with airsoft gun for trying to remove kitten from freezer

Police: Man shot friend with airsoft gun for trying to remove kitten from freezer

new details tonight on a disturbing crime in Woonsocket a man is facing two counts of unnecessary cruelty to animals and one count of assault with a deadly weapon when saket police are calling the case reprehensible Shane Hall is being accused of putting a cat in the freezer and allegedly hurting someone trying to save it Eyewitness News reporter sheena lawsuit ou spoke to police and joins us now in the newsroom with more sheena well according to police not only is this man accused of putting a cat into a freezer he’s also being accused of shooting his friend with an airsoft gun when she tried stopping him Woonsocket police say disturbing details surrounding a twisted attack on a kitten and then a woman led them to arrest and charged 31 year old Shane Hall back in July a female victim came forward saying she witnessed Hall go on a rampage one of his kittens apparently made him angry he took the kitten in a crate and actually put it in the shower to get it soaking wet and then he put it in the freezer police say the woman tried to intervene and then Hall got belligerent with her as she tried to rescue the cat he went and got the Assaf gun and allegedly fired several shots at her deputy chief michael Lemoine says the woman eventually got the cat out went to the hospital and then turned to police she also told authorities Hall abused one of his kittens the day before – apparently this kitten whether it scratched him or knocked over some garbage obviously its man lacks self-control and has some anger issues Lemoine says animal control officers took the kittens away shortly after the incident and brought them to a vet police say it took several weeks to get an arrest warrant for Hall the deputy chief says the suspect tried hiding when officers went to his house Monday but authorities eventually took him into custody you know we take all these complaints whether it’s a person a child an animal very seriously and certainly tried to bring these people to justice now Hall faced a judge today he is currently being held he will be back in court later this month I’m Sheena Lowe Sciuto Eyewitness News


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