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My CQB Airsoft Loadout

My CQB Airsoft Loadout

I use you it’s Big Mac from the ferry assassins here making a load up video as I promised I’m not quite sure which channel by the caption channel last night to make a video of my super B load out video figured I’d do it I did save every 25 subscribers so not run to 20 subscribers I got kind of anxious so I decide to make it right so first I’ll start from head to toe I on top I have a blue shima cluster ten dollars from amazon next I’ve got some ski goggles Lee they’re from sports authority I don’t know what they do hold up against their sox won so they did for that and I’m failing at fling them back on so just put them on my head next I have my mesh mask which all you know about because I have the review of it seventeen dollars on amazon very very nice what of it let me take this off too so you can you then I’ve got this vest now I didn’t buy this I believe it costs like thirty forty dollars my friend gave it to me used to have a hole through me you took the holster thank you nashik whatever but it’s very nice I do like it it’s got m4 mags but it kinda hold my AK mags speak of my AK here is my AK it is an are 76 but it’s pretty much taking something for costs I believe 135 dollars the metal version was very nice yeah magazine holds 300 rounds so I like that next are these mechanics gloves you can buy them at lowes for fourteen dollars they are very nice strong however they also what you’re going to be very flexible excitable so you can grab onto things very easily and then I just have some old camo from an old friend of our my family who gave it to us when he was at 12 and um so that’s very nice then I’ve got these boots I just found lying around which are also very very nervous um so yeah that’s pretty much my load up video for you guys if you have a suggestion for any videos in the comments section below don’t forget to like this video favorite it and if you have not already thank you guys I will see you in my next video I’m signing off Big Mac SS


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