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My cadpat airsoft loadout

My cadpat airsoft loadout

you know you I don’t know just my load oh my summer loader anyways as you can see almost summer time it’s still winter but snows melted and some time going to mount her GoPro on my reel but anyway this is I load it I use zombie stalker I don’t know if you read back zombie stopper so I whatever dis relax it does silent it a teensy bit with the suction and I got my flashlight now for QC be with my flip upside on my 8 called and I finally got this painted and I’ll just put this down for heat a sling for it but and I need one but i just purchased a lower receiver for it I’m we can get that I use a digital do knee forehead protection I just use some random goggles i have a strap I like strops better forget what this call but the mesh now protected as it sucks get shot on that billiards and it’s alright country I just got Christmas elf don’t know how much they were of a kind and sipping I got suicides nest with flips and I like this with the bolt or two but you can just take that off when I another like Chester egg plate thing holsters and put it right there hang on bolsters I just got a pass for like binoculars oh and let’s rock I think I’ll walk it off in there I have four walkie-talkies for my team that’s pretty good they they’re actually a really good range there they said like 12 kilometers or yes like that I don’t know so and I use oh my true i’m the current leader of a tat and attack the airsofting team and when you do round every Sunday we practice we live in Nova Scotia sackville if any of you out there like this you can probably try out you see how that goes from the other then that doesn’t sound open eyes um yeah but we have our own field we have a few bunkers some tree forts all that separate France essence I just have a few backyard pretty good woods but girls school I took stuff a little bit anyway and i just put I thought frank would be cool and kind of thing just because I live cater and just I want to get new best kind of I want to get like just a green black and over look too good but this bag is so heavy and just a hydration that you can buy at airsoft wholesaler think was hell facts twenty bucks or something that’s cheap I think my bowel movements did you I load up circa the wind guys it’s just a bit of hurricane today so if you see over there neighbors friends well it wasn’t hurricane but and over there shingles flew off the deck four minutes and 30 seconds don’t forget like and subscribe and this might have bad audio that whatever the winds pick it up and I will I promise you I’ll get it my diamond tipped over I did that the time is hidden caps did get better flower ivory nunchuck homestead but this is my beauty my pride and joy and that’s all yeah


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