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Multicam Airsoft Loadout

Multicam Airsoft Loadout

what is up guys it is color are from the toughest Buckeye and timid we are going to be doing something a little bit different and it’s going to be my lot of it video finally almost almost complete there are a few things here there i’m going to say now like gloves and knee pads that i do not have but should have relatively soon they’re not really on my top priority I was just wear black and motocross gloves so you can just picture that on me I’ll start right head to toe um so up here i am wearing a helmet a door it’s not a bathtub because we’re gonna holes in it but it’s painted a cool snakeskin pattern I don’t know Brenda’s but I got for a really good price I did buy use though that’s not my problem for me I have I wear my collar when I right side as well someone to take this off under that I have my Vulcan tacticals tinted lens goggles I known the camry you can see through it but it’s really light here but normally as you can see when there’s my eyes behind it where my hand is on the left side you cannot see through it cautious mad my way alright I’m going down a little I’ll just go to my gun right here we have an echo 1 scar-l arm that I do have a mop suppressor on I usually have a radical on as well so i’ll put that right here literally right next to the camera will play doesn’t fall um then i’m gonna kneel down for this I have my LBX 0094 speed drawl plate carrier um it’s pretty good play keria knightly plates for it on these descend mag pouches on my left side right here oh I kind of bends like a troops down I don’t know why it’s just like this but I cannot fasten all the way because the cummerbund it does not plates it i don’ti enough you’re supposed to cool place from this play carrier but um I I want a total of two pistol mags right here I one two three and four max four or five six seven I’ll run all mid caps by the way so this is a really good system for me I’m shooting drop my mag draw from right here and insert it very quickly um and this is a great play carrier to do so because it’s it’s pretty slim to my body when I tighten it very well which I did because I just did this for a really quick video oh I guess I’ll just go to my videos these are normal multicam bdus I forget the brand i literally just got these online I think for herself GI from fifty dollars but you do have your your elbow pad kind of things and you got your um velcro and you know your normal multicam BDU features sorry that’s only really long to figure out unruhe i right now i am just wearing a normal belt my dad’s belt um but eventually I will have a battle belt hopefully very soon on that I carry my cable a 1911 I not one NT like my kiddo BM 9 PTP much like a soccer ball past um very nice reliable sidearm and I carried three mags like I said one on the gun to in here so I’m set for my pistol and it is in a kayaks holster annulment basing souls like propane because I run propane um I’m just going over my mac Buster here these are lancet actual um mag pouches i got from richie price nice fair right here came integrated and these are condor multicam for my pistol going down a little more I my normal multicam BDU pants um normal you have to get new pads and then it should be relatively done and then going down or if you early just watch the video i uploaded today I have these not flexible I have these uh can boots that i did get i’m wearing orange socks right now cuz like i said i’m not actually going to a game but yeah these are brand new [ __ ] i got fifty dollars which it was a really good priceless boost or non slip and they’re relatively reliable um I just do that to kind of complete the tan look at my loadout ah i’ll be running this load out very very soon at a game adult playground in ohio i love that sound um hey guys this has been a very very quick load out video i might be making another one for ethically soon when i fix this wobbly mag pouch and get a belt into knee pads and some gloves and once i 100% perfected right now it’s about eighty ninety percent done um I should be done one out of sent very soon I’m not rambling think that’s watching Colorado with tassels buckeye out


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