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Multicam Airsoft Loadout 2016 | Jake

Multicam Airsoft Loadout 2016 | Jake

hey guys how you doing my name is Jake from dark Nova airsoft and I’m gonna be going over my loadout in this video which has been long overdue I know that the last loadout video I made was pretty bad quality in a few different ways most obvious being the lighting the lighting was absolute garbage in that video I know you can’t really see anything so I hope that this video is gonna be a lot better and I hope you also enjoy the video so here you go okay so first up on my head is my light tactical fast helmet in tan the main reason I wear one of these as opposed to a hat or nothing at all is because I like to record my gameplay footage with a GoPro in the nvg shroud up here underneath I have the arena blackjack goggles I haven’t gotten to use these in a field yet because I just got them to replace my old broken pair of other goggles but I’ve heard great things about them and so far from wearing them you know right now they’re pretty nice I like them so far but I can’t really comment on the quality of them yet but as I just said I’ve heard good things about them underneath that I have a Gen 1 mesh mask as opposed to a gen 2 which covers your ears this one only covers your mouth nose and cheeks and then if your field requires it as mine does you’ve got to get some other form of ear protection for my ear protection I have Howard late impact sport electronic ear muffs what these do is they block out sound and then when you turn them on it amplifies the ambient sound around you under I believe 80 decibels I could be wrong but I believe it’s 80 and so anything louder than that like say gunshot would be filtered out so that you protect your hearing you got five senses why ruin one of them because you didn’t want to wear ear muffs right okay so on my chest I wear condor mo PC in tan and I have triple a triple double stack m4 mag pouch by Condor on the side I have a condor sidekick and then on the back I have a phantom dump pouch in multicam and then that’s it basically on my plate carrier I don’t have anything on the back because I can’t reach it and I have I really have nothing to put there as of right now so why clutter it with empty pouches I guess and then for a sling I wear a condor single point bungee sling with a quick detach buckle this is really nice when you just aren’t aren’t playing you don’t want to carry your gun just let’s sling on your side and then when you’re completely done with the game you can unbuckle it and set it down on the table and you’re good to go you don’t have to worry about it and then for my combat shirt I wear a multicam combat shirt you get the picture and then for gloves I either wear these which are just hard knuckle gloves that you can find on Amazon or I wear mechanic’s impact loves in multicam it really depends on the day sometimes I wear these sometimes I wear these okay so now for the leg portions I’m going to start up here at the waist I wear a condor something belt it’s just a basic belt it was like seven bucks gets the job done holds my pants up and helps me with the holster and this holster is a replica sir poster for Glock 17s and in it I hold my kwa a teepee a gas blowback pistol really nice pistol but right now it does need some love for me I need to replace the main seal in it so right now it’s out of commission but hopefully I’ll be getting it up soon from pants I’m wearing Emerson Jenn – I believe combat pants they have the built-in knee pads but these work great they haven’t ripped they hold up to the abuse I put them through they’re comfortable they look nice that’s all I really need from pants so these are Under Armour tactical boots I don’t remember the exact name of them but so far they’re really nice they’re really comfortable they look nice they’re a little bit lighter than the rest of my stuff as you can see but most boots are a little bit lighter a little bit lighter of a shade of tan so that’s not too bad but they’re really comfortable they look nice got some pretty nice treads and that’s all I really need to say about those okay so for my primary rifle I use a kwa cqr mod one that’s the longer barrel variant of the two CQRS and on the front I added a barrel extension to accommodate the upgraded inner barrel that I put on the inside and on the handguard I replaced the stock one that comes with the gun with a Magpul MOA handguard and I added a an Avengers red dot sight replace the stock with a vfc collapsible stock that houses my battery and some random pistol grip I found in an e-bike sale bin looked pretty cool so I bought it and overall it really completes the look of the gun then on the inside I added a new cylinder and as I said earlier an upgraded inner barrel to allow me to get higher fps and better accuracy okay guys so that wraps up my loadout I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you would tell me in the comments what I’m doing wrong what I’m doing right what you want me to do in the in future videos then I’ll try and reply to you as fast as I can and once again I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you in the next one


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