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Last Airsoft Words

Last Airsoft Words

All right guys, you can put those goggles off already. Don’t worry, I’m perfectly ok without the map. This way. Don’t worry, we are definitively out of range. Hit! Hit! Man, I don’t need a striker, I will lit it from my cigarette.

Grenade! Don’t worry man, he will never throw it this far. Give it to me! I’ll do it better. Don’t worry, this BBs are totally BIO. There is no way they would expect us from this side. For sure, we can’ be hit, if we run fast enough.

Hit! Hit! Guys, this new piston will hold up to 200 spring. No need for that water, we will be out just for two hours. Don’t worry, there is not the chance for them to know we are here. Go go go! What a lovely little tank! This is a good post.

They will never get us out of here. Get out of here!


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