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KWA ATP Airsoft Pistol 2015 Update Review

KWA ATP Airsoft Pistol 2015 Update Review

how’s it going airsoft Atlanta TV today we’re going to be doing an update video on the kwa ATP series since the last time we’ve done a video on the ATP kwa has redesigned the slide features and everything to take away those harsh angles and stuff that we’re on the original ATP design and smooth them out into a very nice contoured look that is very sleek and very sexy for all those law enforcement training purposes when it comes to law enforcement training or other government agency training purposes this weapon is designed to fit in all Glock 17 holsters soft shell hardshell Blackhawk Serpa holsters all of those holsters that are designed to fit the Glock 17 can fit an ATP without any problems as far as operating the weapon that is going to be the same you simply take the magazine fill it using the bottom valve here you fill it with green gas or propane then you load it up with the BBS 0.

25 weight or higher is what k2 VA will recommend for you then you just simply put the magazine in and rack back and as soon as you have emptied the magazine the slide is going to go into the locked rear position and then you drop feet in another magazine push the slide release and then you’re ready to go again ok let’s take this training aid to the range and see how it performs more information on the KWA ATP series as well as the rest of the kwa training line please visit www.

sap.com/learnbi for


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