Home Airsoft Reviews King Arms Colt M4 CQB-R AEG Airsoft Gun Review/Unboxing

King Arms Colt M4 CQB-R AEG Airsoft Gun Review/Unboxing

King Arms Colt M4 CQB-R AEG Airsoft Gun Review/Unboxing

huh what is that month Melo airsofters and subscribers and viewers we don’t have a lot so hi Oh 100 and whatever of you but I am really happy today because I’m going from a beginners gun to a high-performance gun finally so I went to primary soft today this is their patch you guys should go check them out at primary self store done it and I will post that in the description anyway um I picked up a king arms here let’s take a King Arms Colt license and for CQB are ultra grade it is an MK 18 and it is Colt license so you will see you’ll see some licensing you see the license trademarks on the gun it this is the ah the value package so it came with everything you see here including a battery and a charger it’s yeah alright this is an unboxing and I will get to that a second so it’s pretty simple the way they give this to me again and then in in a star wars noises so it comes with this fancy saira foam it looks fancy but it’s like cheap do Union in you I will be wearing the primary soft patch later so what uh so it comes with instructions I will have to read these uh so it’s all English equal all right now in the Box in the Box okay it comes with a Peck box that will fit in 8.

4 perfectly April 4 ni mhm battery I’m not sure about all the other batteries but we’ll see um I have my 9.6 here right here if it does not fit in this 8.4 I will use my D boys Peck box on this gun as well um yeah so comes with your peg box it comes with a grip this grip isn’t actually flimsy how do you I’m okay so it’s one of the two scripts yeah okay I’m gonna be using this grip – here’s my 8.

4 and IMH battery I will be bringing this as a backup I bring – 9.6 s and 28.4 is now I guess it comes with your standard wall charger a trickle charger yeah just just throw that away this is just gonna like F up your battery I recommend getting a smart charger comes with a 300 round high cap magazine and here’s a side pocket what is this oh okay that’s cool alright it comes with these rail covers and some tools to install these rail cover so I will be putting these rail covers now you know what as much as I like the rail covers I want to keep it open to where I can use anything so I think I’m just gonna save the rail covers for later alright so but we get to let go and just move this box out of the way more fast I’m excited okay so this is the MK 18 or the cqbr um first impressions I like it how it’s all railed off like the the standard firearm for the military and for what sucks okay so this is just from my opinion but up they’re going to change it to a scar and MK 16 later on so alright Palmer receivers middle rails nice Palmer middle internals your standard orange flash hider um let’s see you had a crane stuck right here now one thing I like about this gun is it comes with the crane stock which I am a fan of but it is wired to the front exactly for a PEC box so that’s that’s a pro for me I’m liking that right now um let’s see non-functioning bolt release okay so it’s got all four Ras rails here it’s shooting 330 to 350 FPS um let’s see it does take its lipo ready out of the box 7.

4 don’t use 11-point ones it’s 70 centimeters long with this stock retract not retracted and until the 8th you go that it’s the sticky version so I’m a fan of the CQB version unless it’s like the circle grip then it’s gonna be have to be long for me uh it said shooting 330 to 350 it’s a high performance AEG very favorable no rear stock sling mount others ously my right here needs that um charging handle is functional hop-up is in case in their middle everything in the internals isn’t that all internals of metal no wobble at all I am really count I’m really liking this gun right now I’m watering it for for a while and now I have it but we are going through a shooting test we’re doing the chrono test with my m4 Colt cqbr we will be using a 9.

6 battery a 350 round high cap with point twos and we’re going to be using form coño okay so the rule of thumb is if it shoots through both weak sides of the coke can the guns shooting around 340 FPS if you only shoot through one side is 320 if you shoot through the bottom it’s shooting 385 and higher all right so the poor man’s chrono using point to grandbabies all right the BB clearly entered through the cocaine and exit out the other side so it’s shooting over 340 with point twos we’re not going to test the bottom of this cocaine squirt he means it’s working okay so it has enters through the bottom of this court can which means this is shooting over 385 FPS and point two is not exited out the other side but we’re hoping it’s around 380 to 400 fps this is the accuracy test within eleven point one bolt light pole point two grandbabies that was a horrible accurate retest so this is my first time actually park my gun out and I’d say that having adjust the hop-up yet and I between point two so I’ll definitely amazing 25 ins gun and I’m just in half of sooner or later but that point to is not adjusted up I’m hitting target more than half the time


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