Home Airsoft Funny Moments Kid shot with fully auto air soft left welts

Kid shot with fully auto air soft left welts

Kid shot with fully auto air soft left welts

yeah I’m gonna take off the Cylons it up so they look good yeah communion that’s pretty baller a leader manual that piece of work yes I could fire this on actually I know just destroy them again no one shot didn’t know did what hurt is a panther sched no you have I shot you I would freakin you chase after you what I shit the chair first don’t don’t ha he tried to follow I wasn’t you do that how old are you been go no Josh show you I will snuggle don’t gotta stop we’re gonna film Jackson baby okay let’s just stop it let’s go to jeffs belly right now yeah well I would put the car down no not put them in why you filming Jacob take one your dad I’m just gonna go right here now Monsieur go gaga over the master or something for Josh no I give him a kiss the power in this power ranger hey I gotta do random dancing nah are you Josh so did I they take to take two of my stunt update I have a brie over here with earlier earlier except my so quickly fuck him so that’s just because of the pistol that in his chest let’s see the damages would be is it on ok this is for safety reasons everyone dogs ain’t right now oh so like Otto oh yeah you gonna put a shit although because really I got guys yeah Jim to go sounds like all right buddy I’m heading back 30


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