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JTF2 Assaulter Airsoft Loadout

JTF2 Assaulter Airsoft Loadout

hey guys this map for deep impact airsoft I’m actually going to do a loadout video right now I pretty much have everything on everything on I normally use there’s some things that are interchangeable go over those so I will first off show you this gun before I show you everything else this is my area I’m 16 I’ve been working on this for a little while there’s still some issues with it but I’ve put on some new attachments today I have a gas pedal on the side of it to go with the AFG grip a gas pedal is this little grip thing here soon you actually hold the gun your thumb is along the side of it it’s actually really comfortable if the AFG grip is really comfy too I was gonna go foliage green for the whole thing well for the attachments but I can only buy the black ones except I have this foliage green trigger guard right here so I might either paint these grips foliage green myself or paint this trigger guard black so and I know that this stock is Tim that’s gonna be gone a little bit so please comments in the comment section telling me which paint job I should do I’m either gonna do the entire gun green with black attachments or green attachments black gun or straight-up black gun okay so now to get to the load of there’s a reason why my head is off-screen just got my new fast helmet and I put on my new stuff on the helmet so let’s start with the helmet here it is ok so as you can see these are not real these are the dummy JP nbg 18s you can see me wearing them here I got these from I think airsoft peak their old website was airsoft park but I guess they got a new website they’re pretty good they don’t stay in the mount super well so you have to make sure that you get those in there that’s why I also be cords touch to to to make sure that they stick in that mount they were 50 bucks and know when you wear Danny wear them down you actually can’t see through them they like invert your vision so I guess if you’re making a movie or something like that then you’d use them I probably won’t use these things practically in the field because I think that if they get shot they’ll probably crack the amount for these which is an LG 24 mount there’s some other types too they’re actually surprisingly expensive I think this mount was like 70 bucks like that’s more than the actual dummy night vision but overall I sort of like it it’s a nice addition on the sides Kim with the rails I have a major league doorman patch there I have the Canadian flag patch there and I have this side limb stick it’s actually not one of the ones that you crack it’s battery operated so you can use it a bunch of times the reason why I have that for night games and you get hit it’s good to turn one of these on to tell everyone your hips you want to keep getting shot on the back I have the MS 2000 stress distress marker and this thing actually you might be able to hear it let’s see if I can turn it on it will flash and I think it actually does work infrared – it’s just a dummy one but I think that the infrared shield on a Nike does do that you can also turn it blue okay and then I have the fake battery pack for the jpn vga teens which are the ones that they wear and zero dark 30 you’ll see the metal bond or – it actually holds the cr123a batteries so I can actually keep the batteries for my laser sight my red dot and all that sort of stuff in there okay now that’s pretty much it for the helmet getting down to the main body there were a lot of patches that are a lot of coaches that I had actually taken off because it was just getting too busy and everything so I have to sort different loadouts I have like a really lightweight summer one just for like airsofting at her friends places and stuff and then I board my mail someone this is more like my field day one so I took off the pouches that I have on the sides which you can see in the other video because it was just weighing down the sides too much and it wasn’t really forming to my body as well right now it’s nice and stuck on there the only pouch that I have on the side is this grenade pouch in my video of the rise and fall milsim you can see that I do get a grenade kill and not one but I didn’t have the grenade pouch on me at that point that’s why it took me so damn long excuse me to actually get the grenade out and throw it so that’s why I ordered this pouch got it and it’s it fits this thing pretty well I got this from Toronto airsoft this pouch front I have the six six times it’s two to three make shingles and I have 30 rounds which are blue in the front 60 rounds which are red actually this ACU one is a hundred and thirty rounds I think so I know that shotgun shells aren’t just for aesthetic sear I actually do have a shotgun and I have a scabbard sometimes I put that on the back but not usually and this is the admin pouch I forget where I got this admin pouch from it may have also been from EB airsoft when I ordered stuff from there apparently that place is pretty sketchy so be careful what you order from there I got all my stuff in that’s basically it the front for the back of the hydration carrier like normal I do have seven small and two of three pouches that I’m thinking of putting on the back here as I could put smoke grenades in them and that sort of stuff I’ve got my name tape on the back of it I don’t know if I have a good shot with this yeah it’s just here oh no special names that is my last name no not Tyrell I’m not african-american okay so the sides now the legs and the belt belt sometimes I’ll actually have fast mag pouches on them depending on what I’m wearing right now I’m actually drop like pouch this is where I keep my GoPro equipment and stuff like that the extras and all that sort of thing this is an admin no it’s not not been coached to utility pouch from CP dear any pouches that are in this camo this CAD powdered camo are from CPE er except for this leg rig I got this from surplus store in Kingston so that’s right you could go pro stuff I attached this dump pouch on to my belt which is a lot better to have it down here I used to have it up on the vest but it on the plate carry and it fell down and it was just the paint hop-up there other side I have my replica Blackhawk Serpa holster where I am 9 right now I do have a bit of a pistol retention thing on the side here I need to hook that up to the gun just so that I can not lose that the pants I actually have a custom I had it custom tailored to have these kneepads put on to it I put them on the outside went to a place where they would sew it on paint them forget how much money put those on there pretty comfy the outsides I had to put on the my own camo so it looks a little sketchy but you know what it works so that’s good gloves I have these Oakley gloves that I bought from airsoft park before changed your soft peak they’re pretty they’re pretty good they’re comfortable and everything they actually hold up fairly decent in cold weather but the only problem I have with them is the velcro on it wears a way too fast so really that’s my one big issue I might buy mechanics gloves those things looks pretty nice what else I have patches on the side just the simple Canadian pouch there the patch that I got from my dad’s old uniforms and then I have this supposed to be able to tenant patch but it actually looks like a captain patch and it says jtf2 on it that’s backwards here because of the camera and it says J tip 2 because well this is a jtf2 loto or at least it’s supposed to be I don’t know if they wear these name vision I just like them so that’s pretty much it for the loadout I don’t have my other gun with me now it’s I don’t know if you can see that’s over on that table they’re getting repaired putting some new attachments and that sort of stuff on it that’s basically it for this loadout remember to check out my other videos and rate comment and subscribe thank you


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