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Funny Airsoft Blooper

Funny Airsoft Blooper

hey there you go go off all right so Rose the game you want I just do it team deathmatch yeah oh that’s right no actual you want you so do you want do you want to do actually no just keep it in the backyard don’t go out why not better than yours yeah well can’t get my new one you guys can see this out remember don’t go out front here I am all right ray go absolutely no Alex there’s no battery in this thing there’s no battery in it ah [ __ ] nah he got me anyways got me in the wrist no I heard the thing goes like the oh [ __ ] there’s no burying it yeah watch going to you oh no there is ya gotta close it hey what a scum go battery was just like dead in their wall folks without don’t drive two of them yeah I’ll get the other one yeah you got me Amy giving the wrist why are you running yeah you got me you don’t even call your head well no cuz I was too busy no I was like to dump site but that friggin thing didn’t didn’t go off oh that’s cool my dad did the UM [ __ ] t turn off yep


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