English subtitles available Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW Today you know it is July 14 the famous day where the French army and its soldiers are honored during the grand parade It is therefore on this occasion that I will present you a replica enormously known but which had to be put forward It is therefore the second version of FAMAS F1 equipped with the Electronic Power Booster of the brand Cybergun and fully customized with accessories from the SWISS ARMS range and a Paintjob made by me Let’s discover the SWISS ARMS accessories that make up this FAMAS F1 custom let’s discover together the accessories of the SWISS ARMS range and sold by the company CYBERGUN which customize this FAMAS F1 The first accessory is therefore a DOT SIGHT supplied with 3 batteries, assembly and adjustment keys, a cleaning cloth and a user manual.

this DOT SIGHT offers you two colors (Green and Red) by activating the switches on the side as well as an intensity adjustment and 4 different reticles, an access for the batteries, a picatinny rail quick coupler and two adjustment screws of the DOT SIGHT This DOT SIGHT has a very specific design that offers you sun protection to avoid the sun’s reflections and hinder your aim.

the 2nd accessory is a black silencer from the SWISS ARMS range 192 mm in length and 35 mm in diameter, 14 mm anti-clockwise screw system The 3rd accessory is a Red laser from the SWISS ARMS brand, you will find a set of assembly and adjustment keys as well as the supply batteries.

This laser has a small template that does not add extra weight to your replica and is equipped with a picatinny rail allowing other elements to be installed. the adjustment of the laser is done by two BTR screws and the ignition will be done by a rear switch which must be operated from right to left.

The 4th accessory is a special FAMAS kit to add picatinny rails to the handguard, only equipped with an original rail limiting the addition of accessories SWISS ARMS therefore offers you the kit consisting of a large rail + 2 small ones + the set of brackets to install the rails on the handguard as well as the fixing screws.

The 5th accessory is a foldable black tactical handle, equipped with a battery compartment and a remote control location for a tactical lamp or laser. the 6th accessory is a rechargeable tactical flashlight from the SWISS ARMS brand in Green, supplied with a mounting ring, a USB socket + cigarette lighter socket + mains socket, a wrist strap, a mounting key and these power batteries.

the operation of the lamp: a housing at the back for the supply batteries, a recharging socket, a switch and 3 lighting modes: Booster, light and Strobo. the last accessory is a special FAMAS picatinny rail extension because this one is not fitted as standard on its carrying handle Place the hollowed out part towards the back of the replica and place the screw thread in the hole of the handle and replace the tightening screw.

Let’s start by detailing the package, which includes the replica, its HIGH CAP 300 bbs charger an Electronic Power Booster KIT consisting of an 8.4V 1600 mAh High performance nihm battery and its ECU (electronic Control Unit Version 2 a stripping rod, a battery charger, a tactical handle, a user manual A really correct packaging protecting the replica well Now let’s move on to the exterior characteristics of this FAMAS F1 Its general appearance is rather satisfactory, the molding is not coarse and no visible traces of burrs The FAMAS F1 Cybergun consists mainly of ABS with the exception of the external barrel and the metal bipod for a weight of 2.

850 kgs and measuring 755 mm Let’s discover this replica of the flash hider on the butt: It is therefore composed: “A metal flash hider on a 14 mm counterclockwise screw thread, a metal external barrel surmounted by the dummy grenade drive ring “A handguard handle equipped with these sighting elements “Below we find the aiming Alidade for dummy grenade shots “The mobile but artificial cocking lever “The battery cover equipped with its metal picatinny rail where you can install the supplied handle “The typical Famas metal bipod of very good quality and very well fixed “The safety that will allow you at the same time to open the battery cover and of course the trigger.

“An ergonomic ABS handle “The location of the charger and its charger hook “a removable cheek support to access the BAXS adjustment “A fire selector offering the SAFE SEMI FULL positions “And we finish on the end of the butt equipped with two rings for strap and a pearl rubber heel or there is an access for a tightening of the engine with a small BTR wrench Now let’s move on to the internal characteristics of this FAMAS F1 – A Short Shaft Motor – Piston with a metal tooth and curved plastic piston head.

– Pastic spring guide – Metal cylinder with cylinder head and plastic nozzle. – Metal gears mounted on 6 mm bushings This famas also receives a 6.08 metal precision barrel and the BAXS system replacing the adjustable HOPUP system under the removable cheek piece.

Then let’s tackle the very useful element of this package is the Electronic Power Booster consisting of an 8.4V 1600 mAh High performance nihm battery and its ECU (electronic Control Unit Version 2 The factory setting of the ECU is 3 Ball Burst mode in the Full auto position.

Let’s discover together how it works and its programming the FAMAS package is composed of the Electronic Power Booster consisting of an 8.4V 1600 mAh High performance nihm battery and its ECU Factory program in BURST 3 BBS mode with the type of battery supplied in the package.

we will therefore move on to handling the ECU which will have to be programmed with the type of battery you are going to use: 4 options (n u200bu200b° 1 11.v lipo, n ° 2 7.4v lipo, n ° 3 8.4v nimh and n ° 4 9.

6v nimh) (Nihm 8.4 v battery programming) 1st step connect the battery to the ECU, 2nd step Enter programming mode to validate your battery type (by pressing the switch until the LED lights up steady and press 1 time (validation by flashing once) press a second time (validation by two led flashes), press a third time (validation by three led flashes) and validate the programming by holding down until the led goes out (battery type validation is done) If you do not perform any action on the switch within the first 10 seconds after starting programming, the ECU will revert to the previous program.

Now let’s go to the programming of the firing mode which will be carried out on FULL mode of the replica only. The ECU is therefore originally programmed as a 3 bbs burst. let’s test this 3 bbs burst mode Programming from burst mode to full auto mode (30 bbs max): put the selector in FULL and press the trigger for 5 seconds and hear the 3 beeps and release, then again 5 seconds to hear 1 beeps and release, full auto is programmed.

Programming in BURST mode (from 1 to 12 bbs): put the selector in FULL and press the trigger for 5 seconds and hear the 3 beeps and release, then press the trigger for as many times as you wish to BBS and release then to again 5 seconds to hear 1 beep and release the burst at the desired number of BBS.

Now let’s go to the Chrony test in balls 0.20 Let’s move on to the target test at a distance of 15 meters and 25 meters Cybergun announces a maximum useful distance of 60 meters and we will therefore put the replica to the test by carrying out a shooting test at 40 m then at 60 meters on a dummy we go to the semi test at 40 meters we reach 40 meters Let’s switch to BURST mode at 40 meters we reach 40 meters in BURST mode, most of the balls reach the dummy let’s go to semi mode at 60 meters, maximum useful distance given by CYBERGUN All of the BBS do not reach the mannequin but the distance of 60 meters (loss of precision) Let’s switch to BURST mode at 60 meters the burst mode reaches 60 meters but the precision is much less important.

Here is the FAMAS F1 review equipped with its EPB system from Cybergun and customized by AIRSOFT REVIEW completed You can discover this product at all Cybergun dealers Find all the AIRSOFT REVIEW links in the video description Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you See you very soon Bye Bye


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