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Elite Force M4 CFR – Combat Field Rifle Review

Elite Force M4 CFR – Combat Field Rifle Review

I sweat so much cuz it’s hot dude it’s going to be shooting a little bit higher bug to school my hair what’s going on guys hey today we’re going to take a look at the CFR or combat filled rifle m4 from elite force now if you guys are familiar with their CQB line of competition in force and this is going to fall right in line with it so essentially what this is going to be a polymer based receiver with a full metal rail system it’s going to come with removable front and rear sight now the differences between this and the CQB models or the CQC which is a smaller one is that this is going to be more of a full sized m4 you’re going to have your full length and for outer and inner barrel and a seat per second is going to be higher clocking in around three hundred and eighty five feet per second with the point 20 gram BB the rear sight is going to be adjustable for windage and has a large aperture and small peep aperture for long distance shots their stock on all the competition imports from elite force are awesome is going to have this one button takedown easy access to the battery compartment it’s going to be hinged so you don’t worry about breaking little tabs like you would on a crane style stock now the rail on top is going to be metal and monolithic as it goes into the full rail system 385 feet per second right out of the box the other cool thing is along with all these other elite for CQB competition models the m4 competition models you have the push change spring system in there you’re going to have an open the shell of the gear box to swap your spring it’s got a nice nut in the back pop out but you’re nice bran pop that back in the other cool thing it’s going to have that micro switch trigger so if you guys can pick this up it’s not your traditional trigger contacts it’s more of a which is really nice makes for an awesome crisp and snappy trigger response I wouldn’t always recommend it if you’re really heavy on the trigger but you can fit a full stick size 11 one lipo in this thing the buffer tube has ample room to get it in there now there’s going to be some wires exposed so you’re not gonna be able to collapse your stock all the way but if you’re that kind of guy like I am and got to have the big lipo in there there you go and again the wires are going to prevent you from closing the stock all the way but as you can see in this doc it’s got compartments for your nikamoda hydrate standard butterfly nunchuck style battery it’s also going to come with your 300 round capacity high-capacity magazine so kits my pro on the other thing is going to have that rotary style hop-up which is really nice these style hop-up tend to keep their fine-tuned adjustments a little bit better than these side will the old marui style adjustment and then it’s going to course have your full Picatinny rail so whatever kind of accessories you want to put on vertical grips your scopes your flashlights spec boxes or whatever easily added the tolerances of that rail are really friendly as far as you know putting different brand accessories on sometimes the rails are a little bit fatter a little bit more narrow this one seems to be just about right as far as allowing a lot of different style accessories on there with not any weird fitment issues something I want to mention real quick is the final production models are going to say CFR on a receiver you can see in some of the shots mine actually says CQB this is an early sample prototype model but the actual production ones will say CFR on to have that notable difference of the higher FPS but being from the same competition m4 family as a CQB and CQC all parts are going to be compatible and swappable so if you already have a CQB and you want to swap out uppers and lowers and things like that you can definitely do that Oh


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