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Dytac Invader Recon Multicam M4 Airsoft Review

Dytac Invader Recon Multicam M4 Airsoft Review

hello and welcome to teen talent airsoft now today guys we’ve got something completely brand-new that you won’t have seen before I can guarantee you that because I have two guns in front of me here and these two are the only two in the UK at this current time so team time have got an exclusive on these guns and you’re not going to find them anywhere else and in this video we’re going to show you why these guns are totally flippin awesome let’s dive in and see what we’ve got the guns we’ve got today I have to die tack invader recon our die tack might not be a brand new header before I must say I’ve never heard of the brand before last week but the main reason we picked these two up is a because they look incredible as you can see both color schemes which I’ll tell you about in a minute and B is their internal performance is out of this world I’ve never been so impressed from picking up a gun and pulling the trigger a few times and a husband of these two died Tech’s now biotech or a new brand coming to UK they’ve got one distributor being so calm tactical they were shopping fleet and their websites SOCOM tactical net that’s the only place you have to get die tech comes from and the thing that makes dissect unique is that it was a lot of things like the unique but primarily the color scheme of the guns now these two look incredible I’ve got a tax in FG version so it’s like a green a tax and Toby Toby tank has got multicam now this is officially licensed multi camera attacks camera it’s not any copies they’ve used the official pad that they’ve got the license for the pass and so on the multicam one is like a little logo down here which says multicam on this you know you getting in genuine camouflage and the way they put these on the guns are not painting or anything you use a water transfer now they call it hydrographic film which basically means it’s a film that goes on and they coat the entire gun meaning you get an absolutely brilliant finish with no spaces no gaps or no weird drips and here just looks absolutely amazing now at first I’ll skip to a because it looks brilliant but you think of something like this how long is it gonna last for we use it in a game and I cannot find a scratch or I can find out until I find one scratch on the on the top of the receiver there and that is it considering this gun I you know fell over with it as I do a lot of time it’s been chucked around has been slings pulling on it and stuff and there’s not one scratching so I really think this coating will wear brilliantly really happy with that he does wear off you know you can just tip up it’s certainly it’s multi camera state camera it’s not perfect so if you want to get some paint touch-up you can do so that’s the color scheme now by Tucker gonna do all these guns and magnitude of colors I’ve got digicam Oh they’ve got ACU they’ve got DPM so most camouflage patterns were used to you’ll be able to find his gut and so that’s something really exciting for starters which obviously gets a lot of looks we took this Tarbert or an airsoft site last week and people just didn’t stop checking them out so something really cool about them now secondly the reason why we’ve got these two guns is their internal performance now inside these you’re looking at eight millimeter bearings high-precision gearbox and the rate of fire I actually have a battery unit checked it’s clear so don’t worry that’s why I’m not wearing eye protection Oh check this out I think you’ll agree that’s not too bad now this is running on an 11.

1 lipo it’s an 11.1 lipo battery now a lot of you might be thinking oh my god don’t you dare run you’re gonna you’re gonna shred the piston you and break the spring with this you’re not it’s actually rated to run on 11.

1 they recommend that you run these guys with 11.1 lipo which is unheard of for airsoft we have been running our guns our previous guns with these sorts of batteries and we’ve ripped the pistons to shreds now these are going solidly we thought but a lot around them so far and not one problem and I think I will continue to use other but one lifeboat but with that you get a really good warranty now so from tactical obviously the UK exclusive distributors so they’re the only guys were going to have these die tax in stock and then the guy that he’s an absolute legend we love him down there basically he said that anything that goes wrong internally with his guns he’s gonna fix it the first year now that is unheard of and airsoft again he knows well he’s going to actually get boxing take it apart they’re offering a one-year war into these died attacks so that for me was a selling point itself you know it’s having that same way and for to get repaired it’s not so I mean you combine the color scheme internal performance and the warranty you’re looking at a frickin awesome gun now the gun itself it comes with the foregrip which is again painting the same color schemes whatever came over the gots a really solid four grip there you get a silencer which is actually a sound hog as well if you look into this front it’s hollow and it makes it sound absolutely incredible and you also get one mid cap 120 round magazine which again is in the color scheme that matches your gun so that’s all hide your fill hydrographic leave her never happened anyway and yeah as I say no magazine is the same color scheme as your guns so no worries there neither scope I have on here it’s not included and it’s front iron sights all included either either the rail covers on the side but I just put the one that cuz they look cool and it gives an idea of what this kind of looks like with some optics on there so we’re now going to go onto shooting tests we want to see oversee how to perform and that’s something we liked how they perform and how accurate they are is pretty damn nutso you’ve got a metal hop-up in there and a really good hop-up unit as well the range on this and the accuracy is very good so let’s go to our range and check them out okay so we’re now moving on to shooting test of the die tak invader recon we’ve got our chief tech TV man on the gun a low Toby Gulin so we are we set up a range of about 12 meters it’s at eleven point six meters exact but we’re gonna fire a grouping of five single shots at the target and see how they do so we’re not looking for a bull’s-eye we’re looking for the grouping in between shots so we want them to be nice and tight together so that’s five five off and zeros okay so now gonna do a full auto test we’re gonna fire off a few bursts on full auto which is stupidly fastest gun and we’ll see how it does in the 12 inch range how your fun at whoo [ __ ] yeah yeah right so we’ve just obliterate us on target so you can see and this is the semi-automatic one so you can see this is what we’re looking for is its height grouping on the sides so you can see that that’s one two three four five six seven shots in such it’s high creepy man and this is from and told me to arrange ourselves so that’s really good to see you want a few off ones there but the fact they’re all hitting the paper in that range is impressive as itself the fact that’s group that tightly but what we really like to see from it and this is the full auto on now you can see here the Tigers been pretty much obliterated because you put 300 rounds to it in a very short space of time but if you watch from the video you can see that as each burst go through it hit a very specific location made its own little hole and that’s that are full auto you can just if you’re looking at and watching from behind a gun it all just goes in one Street it’s amazing shoot outside and you follow the beam reason there’s one solid by the BBS which is incredible and you can see still here’s a few runs aside but the main majority you can see where they is in the middle so we’re really impress this gun I think me and Toby you’ve got one over there and there’s there’s they are my one and then Toby’s got this one in the case but I think what would you say I tell you what was the main selling point for you a compact machine that had everything going for it I directed tight lines tested it and I was quite impressive fire rate trigger response on single shot as well is as soon as you touch that trigger it’s gonna find ya for an urban gun as well what wicked one of the main reasons for buying it but then after taking on wooden would be other weeks on all market yeah everything’s going away now right so you’ve seen the shooting sets you’ve seen how it shoots that’s pretty damn cool I think you’ll agree and who’s gonna round off now but what we think of these guns now it’s not full aluminum construction so you’ll get in a really really sturdy gun you’re getting a lot of extras and not many guns come with full grip and a silencer and the fact you’re getting a really unique color scheme with this gun there’s a lot of things which make you really consider a die tech guys our next purchase now these are going for 350 pounds at the moment being for the radio recon invader recon so and I think personally that’s a great deal because anything getting the warranty and the rate of fire you’re getting I can’t really pick this kind of part there’s nothing on this gun that I don’t like the only negative thing I could say about it is how they go beyond comes now you get quite simple brown box with up this is the box it comes in you’ve got a light pack sticker on the end and apart from that that’s it you get nothing else no manuals even no [ __ ] like that so it’s simple it’s the job done but you know don’t expect cleaning rods or bb’s let you do up the stuff it literally is the gun silencer for grip and magazine but apart from that that’s a night you know minor detail most of us if you look at that gun this protein when you got the gear so you don’t need other stuff that comes with guns so really I can’t fault this guns reliable shoots fast use hard and shoots accurate anyway since we’re watching guys who really appreciate it and hit that subscribe button to check out more videos and obviously check out the guys at SOCOM tactical where you can get these guns from their website is SOCOM tactical net and you can find on Facebook so facebook.

com/ slash so combat tactical airsoft likes checking us out and check out our facebook links in the description below Cheers one word about this gun awesome that’s too [ __ ]


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