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I’ll get him when he comes on the other side you ready okay serious good tango Down yeah oh damn it he was a fresh spawn what the hell is this shitty YouTube channel it’s your name Dayton well mine is too so when you’ve wear one of my shirts people say hey Dayton a nice shirt and I’ll be just like they’re saying it to me but they’ll be saying it to you so go to our website and grab a shirt even if your name isn’t Dayton hello everybody I’m back out on the field was my SSG 24 along with a complete novice loadout I got the camo the goggles the gun the bb’s the cameras if you guys want to check out any of this stuff the link to all that’s down in the description down below I hope you guys enjoy this video oh we have a stumble just get in oh gosh I’ve been disarmed oh my gosh I almost just headed you all right yeah I just go in there guys I guess gun stop climbing very dangerous Matt I’m gonna go right side there are lots of people in there dude let’s cut across go to Ridgeland let’s go oh how long once I got to the right-hand flank I got to a position where I can see the enemy’s entrance into the building we were trying to capture are you looking over your men small cabin one guy just went in and as you’re about to see the cover that I had combined with the range of the SSG it became a little unfair small cabin left sides the best part though is when I encountered cheaters they thought they were taking cover when really they were still right in my line of fire three guys three shots this is a really good angle to the front of fortress actually this is a really good angle to try to forge this hey guys I’m gonna stay here I have a perfect angle at the front of fortress sick these are long shots – holy he’s just floating in the air Oh instant regret by choosing that hiding spot come on man three okay so it’s three three two call it god I’m hell yeah that was a bit of a shot two shots left hey Cooper Cooper get up to Mir Cooper get over here up and over and take this I can watch into fortress pretty well from here you can keep an eye on these two people just keep coming in waves it’s easy pickins dude the people that are going in front of this fortress are like instantly regretting their decision here stay down Cooper oh I see him I see him I’m gonna just try and get a little poke out in that window I think you shot my gun those were right over my head I’ll keep watching left come on are you joking me there we go it’s funny it’s the first one is like oh you hit me but maybe it was just a ricochet maybe I’ll just stay in the game that’s one sorry is that guy shooting at us there’s two over there there’s a bunch over there in Big Jim a little to the right come on peek again got him he and he doesn’t move oh my gosh oh he did call a kegger he was just he was just sometimes you gotta contemplate life for a little while he had a very long life lots of contemplation left sides looking fantastic and that’s her that’s the game well we won Cooper give me a fist bump hey sing whoops nice choice Oh yours is love higher higher horsepower reduced weight yeah yeah much faster anyways that’s it for this episode guys I hope you enjoyed I know it was a little bit shorter of a video but I really wanted to not spoil other you know footage by throwing it in with tweeter videos this is just a little taster this might be the record for the most cheaters I’ve seen in one day but you know it was a fun day nonetheless I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did remember to leave a like in a sub and also pet your dog he needs some pets


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