Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW Today we are left to discover the latest ASG novelty that was transmitted to us by our partner SPORT ATTITUDE. This replica is the latest born of cooperation between CZ and ASG for molds and KING ARMS realizes production according to the specifications ASG expenses under the supervision of the Danish antenna ASIA.

This is the CZ 805 BREN licensed CZ course, it will be available in 4 versions that are A1 and A2 Long Version Short Version, and available in BLACK DESERT or colors. Today will be the version A1 DESERT we’ll introduce you.

The well maintained in its reply foam housing, ABS MAG HI-CAP 550 BBS and a user manual. We expect this product since its discovery in IWA in Nuremberg in 2015 and presented that day by Julien TEAM ASG and finally here in French shops.

Its look changes radically from other replicas of the market, its upper nicely worked aluminum alloy and lower in three nylon fiber reinforced elements allows him to have a nice weight without being fragile.

The ergonomics of this replica is very nice and allows quick and efficient use and all at 100% ambidextrous. Its size will make this replica a good ally whether forest as in CQB. This replica weighs 3200 grams for 875 mm to 930 mm.

Let’s find out in more detail: It is composed of a metal flame cache thread 14 mm counterclockwise and mounted on a metal outer barrel receiving a Picatinny rail 180 mm attached directly thereto and removable.

Two M-BUS type sighting system ABS ambidextrous opening. A UPPER alloy alumium CZ engraved markings, equipped with a large Picatinny rail 430 mm and two 160 mm metal rails and two removable metal fasteners ambidextrous straps attached directly to the UPPER.

A nylon fiber feeder well receiving the ASG casts with a Broken bolt catch, this well is consistent with the G36 MAG. Soon ASG offers a charger compatible for well MAG M4. LOWER tone nylon fiber receives the ambidextrous fire selector offering the SAFE, SEMI and FULL and his release latch MAG ambidextrous.

Its molded handle the LOWER is in two parts, it was designed for ergonomic and enjoyable way to grip. A folding and extendable stock 4 positions and equipped with a removable and positionable cheek piece so ambidextrous and depth.

The folding stock is easily demonstrated by way of a pin located on the UPPER and down the butt base down to access the battery location and quick change of spring GEARBOX. This achievement is fairly firm, no apparent gap between the butt and the UPPER, by this scale against manipulation painting each dismantling.

Then ends with his MAG HI-CAP 550 BBS wheel ABS. Now for the internal characteristics: This replica receives a gearbox version V3: – motor AXE SHORT HI-TORQUE. – The metal gears. – bearing on a spring guide – A red polycarbonate piston 1 metal teeth – A ventilated polycarbonate piston head.

– A polycarbonate cylinder head – A brass cylinder – A plastic nozzle – Bearings 7mm – A default M120 spring His big positive point is its quick change spring. She receives a precision inner barrel in 6.

04 hopup mounted on a block type G36 LIPO battery assembly perform the test firing at 20 meters, LIPO 7.4V, 0.25 BBS FULL AUTO MODE The results of 20 meters shots are very satisfactory Delivering firing tests at 55 meters in 0.

25 BBS with M120 spring FULL AUTO MODE The results in M100 at 45 meters (distance MAX), very good accuracy therefore no internal modifications to be made (except the M120 spring) Delivering firing tests at 55 meters in 0.

25 BBS with M120 spring FULL AUTO mode, loss of accuracy is achieved but it is 55 meters positive: An unusual replica by design. A quick-change system of spring given its original power of 1.4 joules. Its ambidextrous functionality.

Use in lipo 7.4v original. Availability in two versions even if the long version is also suitable for CQB as forest. Quality materials for its manufacture. shooting performance really nice whether in scope or accuracy.

NEGATIVE: Power too high for the French market which will force the players changed the spring by a M100 to get a reasonable power for a game together. Operation in LIPO 11.1V causing defects SHOOTING FULL when switching to semi.

A painting a little fragile when removing the butt. ABS in sights. A lack of relaxing electronic switch as the CZ Scorpion EVO that would have given a more enhanced reactivity and pleasant. Here is the review of the CZ 805 BREN ASG transmitted by our partner SPORT ATTITUDE complete.

You can find this product in all French shops suggested retail price of 459 euro. Find all the links AIRSOFT REVIEW SPORT ATTITUDE and our partner ASG in the description of the video. Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you ! See you soon! BYE BYE


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