English subtitles available Welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover an AEG replica from the manufacturer G&G which the CM18 MOD1 Let’s start with the detailed package, it therefore consists of the replica, 4 rail covers, a MID-CAP 120 rounds magazine a stripping rod, a HOP-UP adjustment key, a bag of balls 0.

20 and its user manual Now let’s move on to the exterior characteristics of this CM18 MOD1 This replica is part of the intermediate range of G&G offering a quality product for a very attractive price The CM18 MOD1 is mainly made of very good quality polymer plastic showing some traces of moldings but which in no way hinder its operation.

It weighs 2 kgs making its use without constraints and measures 720 mm to 812 mm unfolded stock A 245 mm Polymer RIS allowing the installation of accessories on Picatinny rail topped with 4 flexible rubber rail covers to improve comfort on the RIS 0: 01: 24.

009,1193: 02: 47.295 Let’s discover this replica of the flash hider with butt Then there is a folding Metal Front sight which returns to the Rear sight also folding and removable metal We continue on a polymer body adorned with the markings “COMBAT MACHINE” and its bolt catch which is not functional The cocking lever will only be functional for adjusting the HOPUP We then go down to the Metal selector offering the “SAFE SEMI FULL” modes, then we find a Grip handle of the Pistol type finished by its engine cover Then we end with the black metal butt tube equipped with its strap attachment ring and its Crane butt adjustable on 6 positions revealing a game typical of many stocks on the market and offering a housing for the stick or baton type battery The MID-CAP charger provided in the package can therefore accommodate 120 BBS and allow you to actually draw this quantity by the presence of a plastic teat which will allow the last ball to engage in the HOP-UP, on the other hand you will have to be very careful by placing this charger in your empty charger pocket as this pacifier comes out relatively a lot and is likely to break despite its flexibility Now let’s move on to the internal characteristics of this CM18 MOD1 The gearbox is of type V2 in metal, composed of Metal gears mounted on 8 mm bearings, a piston head and a plastic piston comprising a metal tooth, a metal spring guide and its M100 spring.

The motor will be a high torque long shaft Now let’s go to the Chrony test in 0.20 beads and 7.4v lipo battery, G&G armament recommends the use of a 9.6v Nimh battery Now let’s perform a target test at a distance of 15 meters To know a little about the maximum range distance, we will carry out tests on the target and see exactly the real useful distance of this replica.

We pass on a test on a mannequin at a distance of 40 meters. All the logs reach 40 meters without problems. we now move on to test on a mannequin at 50 meters. on 10 shots 3 balls pass next to the mannequin so a dispersion of the balls but a regular distance of 50 meters.

Here is the review of the CM18 MOD1 from G&G Armament completed You can find this replica at our partner MAX2joules in the 78 Find all the links necessary to acquire this replica in the description of the video as well as all the links of AIRSOFT REVIEW Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you I tell you very soon !! bye Bye


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