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[B4 LRP – Bolt Airsoft] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[B4 LRP – Bolt Airsoft] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi all and welcome to this presentation of the B4LRP from Bolt Airsoft This bb gun will be provided in avery beautiful box with a lot informations written on it in a very good french In the top cover of the box, protection lining will be placed at strategic points First you will find a 11,1 V Lipoly battery with a 1100 mAh capacity Some Bolt Airsoft stickers are provieded Next are the 2 user manuals First one is specific to this gun model and offers mainly an exploded view Second one, is more gereric and common to several gun models This one is very good and written in a very good french Note that Bolt Airsoft has made very well regarding translation Next you will find a product certificate with chrony testing, proving that gun has been tested before being packaged Protected in a plastic satchet, you will find a high cap magazine In an accessory box you will find some extra electric cables Attached to the gun, you will receive an Bolt Airsoft patch Similar to Tokyo Marui packages, the BB gun is attached with 2 velcro attachs Then, the gun won’t move at all Most of markings are white painted and others are engraved This bb gun is mainly made of aluminum, ABS, nylon, glass fiber and steel Bolt logo is visible on the front grip and the B of Bolt is visible on stock A light molding mark is visible on plastic parts: front grip, pistol grip and stock Bolt Airsoft had a great idea by providing a standard front grip and rubber rails covers that can be removed Other well appreciated point, a quick detach sling attach is provided This one can be attached to each side of the stock or on the rear of the gun The stock is easily adjustable The firing selector is not ambidextrious but is well marked and moving resistance is good Little issue to note, the fake bolt catch moves and makes some noise Aiming devices can be easily removed thank to a qucik detach system And can be fully adjusted By pulling back teh charging handle, you will open the ejection trap, enabling to adjust hop-up unit This one is a G36 type The very original flash hider can be removed, and you will access to a 14mm anti-clockwise thread On the screen, you can see the inner barrel The magazine ejection button is on the right and this one ejects correctly The magazine is well made and is a high capacity type Battery will be stored in stock To insert this one, remove the butt stock, you will have access to mini Tamiya type connection cable Warning, when inserting your battery, be aware that there is few avaialble space in stock beacause of the recoil shock system in the stock tube Chrony test Shooting test: Be aware that my hop-up unit was not well adjusted, most of bbs are just above target, grouping is then very good This bb gun has a standard recoil shock system, the B.

R.S.S. Compared to a gaz blow back gun, you have less sensations but it is still very pleasant Thank again to my partner Soft Air Sensations for gun lending Please subscribe to my channel See you soon in a new video


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