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Airsoft Tactical Vest Loadout (2014)

Airsoft Tactical Vest Loadout (2014)

hello youtube this is Josh from typebar airsoft today we’re going to going through two of my normal vest / plate carrier loadouts they use and the pros and cons of each one so let’s get started this is the first tactical vest that I started out with it is a condor plate carrier I’m not sure which one is exactly [ __ ] I’ll fight it have a link in the description below ready now I have just a normal admin pouch and one piece that I really like this is 40 millimeter grenades they sit nicely side-by-side or lean sideways um pouches um otherwise cell phone keys wallet goes well there next to it I have a double pistol pouch and this one I have set up for a larger speed loader and this much just a normal m9 pistol magazine next to it I have a 40-millimeter grenade pouch that it’s just to back up to my other ones I normally carry about 6 grenades of thing on the field so you get square Teddy moving down I have 4 m4 stanag mag pouches work well I pulled off the elastic holders they seem to hold my leggings well enough I don’t have to use it or deal with it on this side I have a radio pouch that I normally throw with under the end it seems to fit it really well it’s not tight um just fits very well in there in the best in the front I have a plate um I don’t know if you could hear it it keeps the whole front of the best fairly really rigid it’s not a natural plate it is just a piece of plexiglass I’m going to be buying the dummy plates once I get around to it on the back I have a hydration backpack it also doubles as my HV a tank holder very necessary and also it’s quite large and has room for a hydration bladder also and this is extra storage space there’s two extra pockets and a bunch of Molly on it one I do a third-person camera I always put another backplate on just to keep it more rigid it makes it kind of uncomfortable to wear but it keeps the camera from slopping around I also got cheap chestrig to replace this one plane in hot weather where this is just unbearable to wear and just doesn’t work out for me you know I love this vest it’s great for one it’s colder like I do winter wars here in Minnesota is a great vest to wear then I don’t have to wear any other clothing underneath it it’s just this and my battle dress top soft great vest all in all the second one I have to show you is this it’s actually one my favorite best I guess working from left to right I have to get something way better double pistol take in the front once again set up for a speed loader and then a magazine underneath that I have a medical pouch which fits me very well is an admin pouch it’s actually really big and can hold a lot of stuff next that I have a double massive thanks pouch for its I think it fits just about anything aka and for anything hold three m4 mags plus a pistol mag in the front trying to get some light on it for you so it’s just a massive compartment I couldn’t be happier with these I can’t even hold thunder bees you name it it holds and they also have a kangaroo m4 pouch it’s double wide with a second set of four pouches in front of it also on the back on this vest I have my fake bayonet they actually has come handy a couple times and I mounted that using just some buckles running through the knife sheath and does it at the top I love this I normally don’t wear just this because they have a foolish time I read this plus a backpack sit in the back pack right now I have my HPA tank just to show you um it’s a nice backpack it’s not as nice as my other one it’s kind of a cheap when it comes to straps but it gets the job done and for the price it’s nice like I said before everything will be linked in the description below yeah well like this is a normal it’s a 82-62 cubic inch tank that it fits it very well I haven’t had no problems with it it’s actually I could fit almost too I could fit 2 of these tanks that bedside in here no problems it only has one extra pulp or pocket it’s this large one in the front and it doesn’t have nearly as much Jamali on it I’m just wearing this and a tactical vest thing just rig then it doesn’t really it’s kind of limited in its storage capacity where I normally carry my pistol is in this drop leg it’s also it was very cheap and it’s very nice made by condor um I’ll carry my kwa m9 PTP and a drop leg holster made by g-code it’s an amazing holster but make sure you put Loctite on the screws because some student does eventually build aa fall out and you’ll lose your actual holster in the field or I’ll twist around just there’s two mounting screws inside the holster and mine fell out so I almost lost my pistol I also have a it’s a kind of a weapon retention system for your primary I’m not sure exactly how to use this what I do is I normally stick my barrel down through it and it kind of holds it to my body better so I can use my pistol um then all I said great setup this concludes my loadout video please like and subscribe and I hope to see you on the field


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