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Airsoft Secret Service/FBI/Spy/Police Loadout

Airsoft Secret Service/FBI/Spy/Police Loadout

so guys today we show you a quick video to get FBI Secret Service step loadout meaning probably about 80 99 degree runs at Strikeforce for Sandia Park feel all that is is to see cgpm allowed itself one thing always and buildings and corridors should be pretty cool right now I was wearing the black dress pants black tie lecture so glasses the place is I’m wondering a team that’ll what a full steel paper ask or learning to fly jets with the half steel face measurements governor boy be using is my dad’s JG Gila for a woman text pretty much done I don’t have the billet sheets on the 350 which is what you need for CQB and strike force especially not sure who the shoot sons we didn’t eat it nasty the Rosetta for saying so that’s so nice stuff and how big partner without is what would show you my body this is my condo or modulo operator play care watch that tells a cobra radio I have no radio behind you that’s right here so right now didn’t even talk what it needs it’s going to get Twitter a few teams to squat someone with you this has crazy and c4 yeah you could run it eight magazines brought the full-size has 12 plus 1 is 13 that’s a ton especially for CTP right down there I’m actually pretty happy most guys using their force let’s decide the best I’m gonna be way too loud the ammo got for up here to the side for me go total of 7 magazines since the hi-hats one of those drips I probably have to do it all while there yeah I got radio to you Doyle a little lower than this you still hear me fine right you still like me nothing on the back it’s drag handling you said come back a small self out here not wearing today nothing on this side so the guys who did they will be growing vest still be running so that’s what we wrote a vessel in front of the veterans in black my friend is getting the color American flag back and bring it to be able to put this on the best it’s still pretty sick don’t be warlocks m9 is 90 loads in leg holsters pretty cool with this type of dress going uniform yeah it’s really so again the whole looks like with the m4 already selected I could put it in a pouch I don’t know what I’m going to do get a showing you what this looks like we’re gonna get tried at least two or three videos long rough strengthens there’s gonna be probably eight or nine guys wearing leather it’s pretty cool so you know on the side about 2×4 mags or whatever regular gear they’re not going to run that fly back one gun jigeum for white dress shirt black tie black pants give us pretty much it


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