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[AIRSOFT] Review N°62 Compact Rechargeable LED FlashLight + Switch (SWISS ARMS) [HD]

[AIRSOFT] Review N°62 Compact Rechargeable LED FlashLight + Switch (SWISS ARMS) [HD]

well you days everyone and welcome to this new video today presentation of a lamp to change it is the compact rechargeable led flash lite from swiss arms so at the packaging level so we can see that it is packed in a box in cardboard with information in several languages here you have English and French so it tells us that the lamp is Comes with a mounting ring that it works in several modes ago three modes would show just now and which links to additionally include a charger cigarette lighter a usb charger as well as a 240 volt free mains charger so to open the bottom box it’s very simple you have a magnetic part here so it’s a nice little thing inside you see that all is well maintained in a compact foam with the locations provided for each element of the content so we will go through this content in detail So level of content you have the lamp of course a small strap So the famous mounting guns an AC adapter with usb plug a cigarette lighter socket also with usb socket so that you can recharge in your car and you have the usb cable which allows you to recharge the lamp thanks to these drums and you have also an aline key then concerning the language so it is a lamp in metal therefore in aluminum at the level of the diameter so at this level you have a diameter of 23 mm which is roughly 1 inch here it is a small little more you are roughly 1 29 mm and here at 26 mm the button switch is here so you press it and then to change the mode just lightly press the button therefore with three modes there is a turbo mode which makes about 100 lumens you have a normal mode which unfortunately I couldn’t find the info majesty goes to about 20 lumens and you have a strub mode the one we see there a straub mode so which flash and which is at 100 lumens also therefore to turn off to press it then on the other hand each time you turn on again you change the mode from the last mode in which you were buying normal mode jaw strub mode from a cat turbo mode so each time we change mode when we are a con then turn on again at battery level so there is a battery inside then it is a rechargeable battery type 14 thousand five hundred thousand three hundred million eur pair and a voltage of 3.

7 volts then yielded worse charged not very current I think we can find it on the conrad site so possibly we can find others if we ever had a problem or if we wanted to have a little more autonomy so to recharge it to recharge it you have to recharge it via the lamp then to recharge the lamp you have here a small rubber cap that reveals a small catch here so just plugged in like these is then at the other end you therefore have a usb socket you can connect either to the adapter which is here either on the cigarette lighter adapter which is located where simply will be pc if you have a pc to turn on nearby then on the little élise sorry on the small usb socket there is a small indicator light so when it’s charging its oranges and when the charge is finished it turns to a kind of orange greenish so it’s not quite towards it’s not quite orange it’s between the two and that indicates to you the charge is finished at the level of the lamp you have a little by little hole here which allows you to pass this small ragone and thus be able to secure this one it works earlier I said the lamp and comes with an advantage So here is our assembly compatible with general epic a tiny so you have a big screw here just open the jaw to put the north or high school header shooter to secure this one to install the lamp so you have life which is enough to unscrew with the allen key provided so you davis is here position yourself where you want to screw it all see you do not have to completely take out the upper part of the no why insert the lamp on the other hand it is necessary to open almost to the maximum so do be careful not to lose anyway at the marking level if you look at first glance you have the impression that one there but in fact if then I do not know if we see yes justice it is good there it backwards but I put myself in a legault swiss arms place so it’s true that he had us used to painting a huge logo in white, well visible from a distance so there they are ten balls and we are going to do something more discreet so this is definitely not a black on black so shiny black on satin black obviously it’s not worth that at first glance but there are still markings you also have the same marking on the level of the mounting ring so for discretion it’s not bad then concerning the weight of the lamp so with the battery we are at 119 g mounting makes him 38 g so the total pot 158 u200bu200bmen have otherwise at the level of dimensions so we are for a length of 123 mm so this lamp is not sold with a remote switch but there is an optional compatible remote switch always of marx or sense so it is packed in one in one bag with a zip we take out so make them up the switch the cap that will have to be put in place of the original one of your lamp so once you have it up and if ever to call it works don’t forget to press the on off button and the local scene every once in the village, press the switch you change mode the downside is that when you are in a tunnel you are in strub when you release wood then you are in normal mode so you have to navigate until you find the right co-op mode for 5 or learn here is this little video is over I hope you liked it so feel free to comment on the ikea subscribe as usual do not forget also my facebook page osprey 90 and on that I will wish a good day that receive them be with you and the next ciao


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