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*Airsoft Review * G&G MG42 vs AGM / GSG MG42 | Deutsch – English Subtitle

*Airsoft Review * G&G MG42 vs AGM / GSG MG42 | Deutsch – English Subtitle

Hello Bruce is here BB2k Airsoft Channel. You see this two MG42 and you know it: It is time for a comparison of the G&G and AGM MG42. let’s get started: the first thing you notice is the difference in price.

1800,-€ for the G&G and 700,-€ for the AGM MG42. Why this high difference? I’m trying to show you now. The biggest difference is the used material and the gearbox. The G&G is complete high quality steel (99%).

The magnet sticks anywhere! also the wood is very good. beautiful grain and color The grey color of the MG 42 is very realistic. and now to the AGM MG42: the magnet has no chance. everything is made of aluminum Only the drummag, bipod and the loading lever is made of steel.

The wood is very cheap if you compared it with the G&G. Back to the bipod. Both are made of steel. However, the G&G makes a stable impression. It is solid and does not look fragile! The AGM is too loose.

It wobbles and gives no trust. What I do not like is this: You see it? The bipod is too low and wobbles. I’m afraid it breaks some time. Compared the G&G is very stable. Another difference is the barrel exchange cover: The AGM has only a functioning cover without barrel function.

The G&G version has the full function. You see the barrel is coming out. The grip of AGM is made of plastic and the G&G version is made of wood. Let’s take a look to the stocks. The AGM stock wobbles and looks very cheap.

G & G has high-quality wood. Not wobbles. behind two stocks hides the battery compartment. AGM has the original function: Press rotate, and pull. and G& Gonly by pushing and pulling. i show you both. Both loading lever are made of steel.

The G&G loading lever has a function. It pulls the inner barrel and the hopup unit to the nozzle. The AGM version has no function. It can be moved and be disassembled (like reel steel) G&G has not this feature.

Both have a working loading flap. Again, a difference in quality: The G&G is fixed and the AGM cover wobbles. the two drum magazines are responsible for the supply of BBs The version of G&G is constructed complex.

It opens as the original Here are the engines unit, the battery compartment and the BB container. In comparison: The AGM drum magazine has an external connection cables. That looks ugly. it is simpler in construction.

Battery compartment, engine and tank for the BBs. it is made of steel I will show you now the two Gearboxes. A CNC milled G&G Gearbox made of aluminum. looks very stable an high quality. and here the AGM gearbox.

You see it. This really is quite different!! here the plastic…. That all looks assembled from cheap. here you can see the adjustable hopupunit. For comparison the G&G version: here everything seems stable and clean Now the Flashhider.

G&G is made of steel and AGM is made of aluminum. The AGM Flashhider is very strong and the G&G is a little looser. The catch is too easy. AGM acts more stable and solid. Both can be unscrewed. First the AGM version.

and now the G&G. Do you hear the difference? No squeaking. All very solid. Look at this thread. All clean! The AGM thread seems to dissolve. I have screwed it before 1 or 2 times. I show it in the camera.

The G & G is very heavy and the AGM weighs nothing. G & G has the better quality! final point of fast comparison: The G&G grip can be removed like the original. The AGM version is fixed. That was the comparison between the AGM and the G & G MG42.

I hope it gave you something. I’m still make an AGM MG42 Review too. so you can convince yourself of the performance. I think it is now clear. Now you know why the G&G is more expensive. my right arm falls away I lack the air the AGM is substantially lighter with 6.

8 KG vs. 10,5KG from the beast of steel. Puuuuh. I hope you had fun Bruce … BB2k Airsoft Channel I am Out


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