hello new airsoft video today I will give you the review tomorrow new assault aftershocks so if you live do everything on my channel or if you have been subscribed for a while you may have noticed that I have always had replicas type cybergun a sg I had a classic also delivered once so brief every time it’s there had lots of problems I didn’t want to put money in for them quaestors and all that and I have now finished for two years that I have been playing airsoft so I am told as much to invest in a good replica and that’s what I did so I sold marica 47 7 9 as well as my rifle pump and meditate on various accessories that I have accumulated in person for buy me the pws diablo ii from those like war So here it is, this is a version going to say that this volume of external ones because I have added one and to texts 553 from home to the boat sg and a policy the same que sur – k so here is project added that to put the logo of the team so we will move on to the characteristics so when the butt is completely folded up, i.

e. as these will do bend more but there as there is the battery it blocks so it is 400 mm and when it is totally had to bend like this here it is these 630 mm the weight is 2.3 kg so if you don’t replica really light enough for hours rocks or for those who want to be towards quick movements on the ground it is really ideal because the light guerande replica a good grip the fireplace the phalanx film is all alone without nickel then the metal charger with the marking germs gg so it’s a metal load 450 shots so that I will will explain haven and a negative point to roger meece a and it is a cqb type replica so the problem with cqb type replicas is that there is no fuse a term so that I will also come back after all to their next I also see positive points and negative earlier of this replica the engine turns off ac according to original the gearbox is in order to strengthen the original to 0.

20 gram therefore on the six on the French site we announce at 397 ps on at wade airsoft except that I let go to the chronicles it is actually 330 and 340 fps at 0.20 gram so here it really respects it’s really below even the limits allowed in association so know nickel for the day of its cuvées as in the forest so here is also the range is about the top post eric when the pprd set the range to repeat 35m and when the people are well adjusted the 2.

65 m see it 70 meters so really low the father, a very big witness, I am going to eat again arrives at 65 m range it’s really huge for a replica also racing in the advance it’s nickel So now to move on to the positive point is to the negative point of this negative reply we started with negative and ended with the positive between end on the positive so negative point there are several unfortunately it’s a good replica but we still have several So first we see external is that there is no original airlock sight and there is a hole because we will put you back in play did not leave these plates there is nothing of Bulgarian origin and that has nothing at all so it is in place and this is a small flaw so negative points also as I told their type cqb so there is no fuse so when I him the author had tendency to really heat up crowd at the game of the day at the smi after jesus loeb and repair your fuse because otherwise it is not possible after four hundred strokes started to heat up the engine so here’s when I panicked the world eventually so it will be negative no original fuse we can will give it back it costs 5 euros 10 euros 7 it’s not very expensive and it’s worth it frankly if we took gative there is the charger so that although it 150 blows so well that for a cap but the problem is that as it is a the body the cgg we will say the the charger is also internally which also means that there in fact there you put the charger it is a little too much big or more when you put your charger see it starts to move therefore sees of this fact if you do not put a small piece of paper with scotch beats the pulse to load your budget you won’t be able if you shoot every other log because since loading will not be properly placed in the charger so this is a small defect thank you expectations have also for this little tip or and see his channel the link in the description he makes small tribes all that I have a brother la bernique 6 you know you’re going So there you have to be a small piece of paper for this replica also shot well in negative point that’s all I noticed we can see in the positive now the gard tomorrow goalkeeper rs metal really so du crazy about metal that’s for sure without the unique different quality also in point positive I noted the reactivity of the replica ah no we want to do grossemy with that it’s really huge if in addition to the game that I play so it corresponds to me well on the positive point again there is the door and the door and which is going to me enormous on this replica 65 m for a small replica like that it’s just huge, it’s always turning hard and as we know that it there is no problem at this level it is downhill to val éo if the advantages of this reply is that what will tell me is associated with gg I understood carla gearbox the engine and the term what is gg so the gg this is the aignan syndrome as it is not very efficient but on the other hand if it sells very resistant so that for reliability there is no problem also in positive point I think that I finished closely also the weight which is and roth which is in slight g and the folding butt allows you to adapt your ranks to all game situations so also to put to settle the to the people for example so you have the casing excrement chamber then this is dummy cocking lever is dummy serves absolutely nothing so it is necessary to take with his name there we do as can be this file will be better if you have no the shadow good luck we see the soldier this side is better photo efe ne do not release because otherwise it will come back there and after that you will have to redo everything it’s boring you stand it there so there we can see the piston the beginning of the war box the block to the people and here is the roulette to settle it to the people so for glee the opep to turn it in this direction and to disrupt it we falls in this direction here is close you adjust it to your liking years and pose problem here is also to put the battery so it is a big skull that it is therefore the battery it is in double stick obligatorily so we remove this first layer so that willard the stuff that presses the shoulder cc here it is its soft plastic the acquired non-stick non-stick clings that these voices samassa cross allowed to keep paul and his line then here the street you have small pieces festive that exceeds you support here and will finally push towards you so here it is, it is rigid on the other hand plastic then we learn a lot of things in places to access the drums but at least it’s this hermetic so it’s nickel in water when it rains there is no risk that the battery will then die with the small hole where to shoot and you access the battery so also my battery so I know the original battery or Intellect 1600 operates 9.

2 6 volts so here I am I change the connection so that it heats me I made a small custom I mentioned earlier a little to improve this reply because yes I bought them for the purpose of the question because I since as long as i play i wish i really wanted a good line so I did everything to play sold a lot of things I worked I earned money so let’s say it’s kind of my reward two of his sales So then we put back hop like these at the same time to put the films we see there you wedged inside that is to say our edge we find where there is not the batteries where there is no battery but where the connection once this is done you take your own other pieces of plastic you put it it holds itself would have no problem then you put this admit clip and after you thread concern over in the fixed sauce here it is done so also more is that it is not like the m4 a basic where it is located in the butt there in the boy the battery so therefore it’s up to you to change a battery part it is much faster to change there than to pull on it remove and put back in China therefore the fangs this super skull for that in addition to the fangs this skull it allows you to support your replica well as you can see there is enough creeping so it allows in two shoulders and its nickel replica for the red dot otherwise very comfortable as positive as I forgot the handle which is really and then it is really very curved here is the phalanx which slides directly are really comfortable with a small solid group so now I will talk about the custom I made inside as I told you previously I bought this replica with the aim of the custom so I paid them elsewhere I paid the opportunity to 250 euros knowing that on the red bull had to also 250 euros but as I lived reason made him come back it would have cost me I would have added spell to above so there I got the American price what direct so it’s really not bad the more it was really the air was brand new so that we could see the new here with the small markings that go well so that’s the age mark besides official of the primary mark and watten which created the fact double s diablo or it was the mk a mk 1 so hey it is they who created the mark and therefore the part that created the replica tears between there is the match there the remark is double diablo takes marking it is all after two pale colts I don’t know what so hop that’s all so in custom that I did knowing that the custom I made to increase the reactivity increase the fps or also slightly miss the range and also to men claims that this internal volume to also prevent it from heating up inside because really at the beginning it was heating up a lot so if you are his pam a triptychs started to change having the rooms in priority to prevent it from heating up like the motor or the wiring the connectors and something else that I want to say to prevent it from heating up because something an engine which thing is not a good sign so in custom I put a resort m120 I put an engine I was and speed for m 120 chemistry to the prometheus people I changed the wiring is wrong legear g grease legear and internal toul I changed the connections I put in I put in place a fuse like I wanted to say I also liked a canvas of hens precision 6.

03 really that nomads hen precision it’s just fuck calm precision it changes you a replica frankly it is after we notice the precision before the not notice but after once we have the barrel we notice it which serves good afterwards it’s really fun to play with So after I put bearings on the ten old ones or changed the bearings to elect me for the reactivity I put titanium teeth for the reliability I changed the piston but I changed in two hours so all the custom that I say there I would put it in the description if you want to do the same knowing that it increases as I have you said earlier the door and responsiveness and fps and 108 is about heat the replica so it will cost 130 euros in all labor included because yes it is not you who makes them in it is someone else but it cost 130 euros so here we go now to the shooting session so here we are again for the double peace shooting test and diablo ii among those like gears so knowing that there we will shoot the target which is about eight meters I would say in full auto sowing with flow of 0.

20 gram biodegradable obviously for the planet yeah and i let enjoy the show in semi automatic So here is for the sowing and now the full automatic finally little of that So here it was the test of it was the review of fans to the only executives of the pds diablo ii at WWII so I hope you liked it if you have any collections questions about the replica or what i did not say in the part in the review point out in the comments I will answer with pleasure while waiting you can subscribe and but this video share it comment it and join a facebook page so airsoft at the meeting want to burning 6 and friendfeed 4 my personal page the goods will obviously be in the description on this I unfortunately leave you more for future videos ciao all


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