Hi, this is Karol from Recon Krakow. Nice, isn’t it? If you are an enthusiast of classic AKs out today’s proposal will probably disappoint You. Never the less, check it out. Today we will present You the ICS CXP-ARK.

It isn’t a replica of any particular weapon, but it look interesting non the less. I will give you some more details. Inside the receiver shell made of a thin metal sheet there is a plastic insert that acts as the proper load-bearing element and gives rigidity to the whole design.

The receiver of the AKR is meant only for this replica and is not compatible with replicas of other brands. The rear part of the receiver has been changed and ends with a ZnAl element in this the stock’s hinge and latch were placed.

The receiver’s cover is also hinged. The axle is in a similar place in which the rear sight arm is usually mounted. The rear sight itself is a simple, non-adjustable U-notch type aperture. This is a solution also taken from the AKSU.

The receiver cover has a standard top rail, screwed from the inside. The safety/selector lever is an aluminium cast with a tab for the index finger, which facilitates its operation. It has been moves slightly back which makes using it even more convenient.

The second important feature is a cutout in the top part of the lever. It is used to lock the dummy bolt in the rear position which makes Hop-Up adjustment easier. The stock is similar to the ACR one and in this case has been simply lifted from the CXP-APE replica present on the market for several years.

The stock has two adjustment features. A 5-step height adjustment and a 6-step telescopic length adjustment. The plastic, from which the stock has been made, noticeably bends when force is applied. The pistol grip texture makes it hard for the hand to slip and its shape is similar to the one’s found in new AK models.

The polymer handguard is made in the M-lok standard and it also has the proper markings. It is made from the same material as the stock. The M-lok sockets are on the sides of the handguard and on the top of the gas tube cover.

Additionally, at the bottom of the handguard there is a short, 8-slot Picatinny rail. The replica come with a 500 BB hi-cap with a winding gear at the bottom. From the technical side the replica is very well equipped.

The CXP-ARK has a V3 gearbox with a quick spring change system. It uses high quality parts, standard for ISC products including aluminium piston and cylinder heads a spring guide with a bearing steel gears and a piston with steel teeth.

The reviewed model has a 2-module E-Trigger control system. The first module is inside the gearbox the second is in the stock, near the battery plug. Unfortunately, rigid wires with an additional module take up a lot of space inside the stock.

The mechanism has a main spring release system. It can be done only after removing the pistol grip. Similarly to other ICS replicas, the inner barrel is made of aluminium. In the CXP-ARK it is 370 mm long.

The Hop-Up chamber with with a factory fitted nozzle which is 18.1 mm long. The gearbox works softly, the Hop-Up works precisely and keeps its settings. The magazine feeds flawlessly and sits in the magwell firmly.

ICS variations on classic designs are a hit and miss. This time they defines the classic in their own way. They’ve added a few interesting parts thanks to which designs such as the AK become much more user friendly for opponents of this system.

For us, despite being a replica of nothing in particular it is a replica worth recommending. Length: 640-888 mm Weight: 3140 g


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