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okay this is my and case stomach loan with system of parts in it what I got on here is a PEC box for light or laser most of time at ease for laser I got rail covers on top I got a belkin suppressor I got a Enola Gay United States flag rail cover I got a GPS or I think it’s pts pink angle grip and when I traded this gun I this was shaved off and besides that I’ve only changed the cylinder inside of the system and that’s really it just has an Allred dot sight yeah now you’ve run a 11.

1 lipo in it and she’s really not so up top I got the Boogie goggles are just normal ones then underneath I got the belkin lower face mask up Todd I got the cartman hat which I would usually wear at once talking or just for my belt I have the Roman tactics n she bailed what I got on here is what happened I have you did seriously it’s oh yeah ok so i got the Ronin tactics since you go over here I got the a leap force duh drag I got the milks and west I got the most of us admin pouch and in here most time I’ll keep a smoke grenade tool maybe some other things if it’s a whole day game just without stopping I’ll keep batteries in there in the back I got the high speed gear come out the back right here I have a nola gay EG 18-hour EG 18x smoke grenade but for Speed softly I keep a cyclone grenade just because it’s fun to piss people off this is necron county or acura one and dab it pleased Abbott don’t hit the dab your skin and head the dab hit double that double down but oh they’re not hey hey I’ll do here yeah okay okay ready wait wait okay hooray we’re here we going like this one you gonna halfway I call this kick ready 3 2 1 wow you went in buggy where I do all right once do that no no hey we’re done just do it


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