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Airsoft MIlsim: Rescatando rehenes / HOSTAGE RESCUE – Apocalipsis IV airsoft gameplay – airsoftBB

Airsoft MIlsim: Rescatando rehenes / HOSTAGE RESCUE – Apocalipsis IV airsoft gameplay – airsoftBB

We are on APOCALIPSIS IV a game developed by the team E1212 From the start of the game starts the “rol”. We are notified of be present at the doors exactly at 9.55am for enter all together to the complex The story of APOCALIPSIS IV is framed in to a very complex weft of politics During the pre-game the organizers send to us intel documents for use in the game The “ROL” game of this milsim starts now Please suscribe to our YouTube channel! We got a hostage situation, some politician deputies A terrorist group take them in the parlament.

The mission and the game are based on that. We need to rescue them For this reason from the beginning we need to start the ROL mode. Left the cars and start immediately to setup the guns Our section, the “charlie”, go directly to make a intelligence mission to the south west area of the building We travel for the left flank but the area are really flooded.

Really difficult for continue the advance. We need to cut to the right area and start walk in to the East and take the principal road. We meet with the negotiator team. me – “Good afternoon” Danish Army guy – “I got orders for move equipment for the relocation of the command center” me – “yes sir, Proterra, like chuno say they gonna change the command center with the truck” “Go ahead” The track be part of the security perimeter The first “ring” for crowd control any civilian Only the danish police and the military i do not say before but we are represented the navy special ops of Dinamak The frogman, the navy specialist our faction and the police got the control of the place So this be a conjunct operation At the first step the negotiators found a IED on the road, disabled.

for that reason we moved in to the truck for the forensic The situation of the hostages are determined We found the place the negotiators establish the contact And Chuno, the commander, move at the are the judges and prosecutors for this cause of hostages situation at the hot zone, the command center they moved before for get a direct contact and info of the situation The media bothering the area the judge tell them need to wait there We stay the the first ring make security for civilians and media and stop the civilians of entering Very important for keep the operative we stay at this point with Klaus, MClein, Proterra and Roger from the Carcerberos Team from Cordoba and the people of my team, Airsoft Condor and we can appreciate the media bothering again.

A photographer just left the area an try to get a closer photo. The photographer be captured and get returned with the media We start to suspect of the intensity of the media. So we will make a new ID scan and see the situations of each media and the cameraman of CNN have issues with the ID it made us doubt he be very aggressive, nervous, prepotent.

Make us doubt more We are afraid he have other intention with the situation me – ” Why your ID are expired?” cameraman – ” just an administrative issue” “this ID are just for media recognition” “human relations” “ask to your superior” ” hey you cant touch us ” me – ” be cool, be cool, be cool” cameraman – ” what are you doing, hey, fiml it” “please, what are you doing? “release me” “release me” “film it, take pictures” “what are you doing to me” me – “what do you have here, STOP, STOP, STAPPPPP” “stop, stop, stop, staaaaaaaaaaaaaaap” “hands up” Incredible in the middle of the situation a civilian take mt glock but the danish soldier be fast and disarm him and reduce the civilian Just water at the vest not evidence of any dangers so we need to let him go for the liberty of media The civilian be on custody and moved to the danish police facilities cameraman – “why to much violence officer?” reporter- ” you are the less experience troops for be here?” “and not there with the important issues?” “The chicken at the middle of the white circle” ” what means ?” / That are our team logo, the condor / We are replaced at the security ring and placed at the command center for preparing the assault A curious we got time to practice and make movements for the assault with other house for see times and learn about each other and make a clean entrance at the place we practice some times at the first a little sloppy but at the end dynamic but works for know the steps of use at the time of assault the target looking some pics of the hostages The cnn still try to enter, so ther be at custody and the IDs be removed The judge need to talk with them again Commander Chuno – “Brian” we start to receive intense fire from rear, some snipers starts to attack the command center with roger start to move for combat the snipers for the left flank and other 2 guys go for the right flank and klaus support at the left The idea be surround them the advance be stepped suppressing and direct shoot and we take the 2 tangos me -” the right guys are down” “where roger?” – Roger ” at front, already down ” Me- ” the right are dead” “advance” “disarm him” Roger starts to disarm him, check it” and Viperino, one of the negotiators comes to check it too may be he can identify him May be be a captor who talk with him before incredible when come back one of the terrorist who turned himself in to the police, take a pistol and threat one danish army officer Proterra take him and a soldier finish him with a double tap ” form for assault ” Its time to proceed to the assault at the main bulding, we got green light the past event change the thing We need to have beware may be explosives are active Allot of practice do not work because the windows are different and take much more time you think maybe a shotgun with a hostages situations not are a good idea true but im not going first, the shotgun are a good hardware for suppressing at CQB part of the Bravo group already make the entrance with part of charlie stay making the security at the exterior and we got the decision of enter at the bulding “CLEAR” “CLEAR” “MOVE MOVE MOVE” the first floor cleaning the other team with shield hold the stairs “CLEAAAAAAAR” Now we need to continue to the second floor i need to motivate to the shield for moving ” ADVANCEEEE” 2 shield at this point i see a head show up and we take the shoot with the shotgun The first shield are down the white guy be a hostage Start the advance, we know one of the hostiles be there and hit me Im so sure i take him with the shotgun I was very convinced at the point i comment with my team and looking to the video i can see how the 15 bbs hit the wall For that reason we never be so sure of our shoots im going to the floor because im dead the hostages are under custody for search and moved to a safe zone only one terror are left with a vest bomb for make a more prolix scene we moved of the place, depends of the milsim modality moving to the other side of the perimeter Now we can spawn at this point we are close of the end every members are here and players waiting The bomb men left the bulding with a negotiator and Proterra tack him and reduce him.

and Viperino too i run for help them and i take the detonator and the vest bomb the free media again bothering You see the situation of this building, but, the other team are assaulting the second building more to the north with a similar situation, but they have a little surprise we left the detonator at the ground the bomb men are moving asking for his life and just need to clear the building of explosives here the other place the other group take the hosteges but the terrorist left this gift a little bomb and the members need to defuse it – entering codes The defuse be with card codes with succes Thank you guys for looking this milsim video hope count with you on our next video remember you can follow us on instagra, facebook and twitter see you soon! Bye!


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