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Airsoft Milsim Loadout: Norway & Golf

Airsoft Milsim Loadout: Norway & Golf

hey guys today I’m gonna go for my airsoft loadout since we are going to an event over an action acres tomorrow oh we’re just trying to see if our stuff fits so starting with my head i have an emerson bump helmet or fast helmet the one where it’s in coyote tan and as you can see i got an MPG cover mount i have various pouches and a safety light I’m running provision desert locust and OD green and an iron face as well as a tan shamanic to cover all my neck because we all know how neck shots feel usually I have a headset on but I on my top I’m wearing a tan OD Condor outdoor lease and underneath they usually I wear Emerson pasture somewhere in the episode will be Pam so my gun right here I have the top tech hk416 but various things on it it since 416 so I’ll excuse me since top techs usually come pre upgraded with really table with type or barrels in it all I really needed to do is I’ll create the hop-up bucking to a maple leaf one so it should be doing a little bit better I usually run life isn’t it like a 7.

4 in it so there’s that I’m trying to get the flash hider off but for some reason they put superglue on it so it’s really nice to have a flashlight with magical ladders and a FG with a mock Polikarpov holographic no-name Chinese made an MLA style pistol grip and a stupid crane stock with PDW so don’t be gun right here I have a condor Condor modular plate carrier with various pouches up top here I have an admin / map pouch with a Norway flag boy two styles – quad Condor but they passed a bag so doesn’t it so I eat you we love quickly I have there is Joe so on my back door that’s look at the hydration fare and on my hands I were the mechanics for the Kansas impacts not the impact the reason that builds just these because I got really tired of hard knuckles so on down to my office so these are the Emerson combat ants with I use the don’t run drop I didn’t run drop like stuff for the long spine but excited get the only one where I can put whatever I want to have a day it can’t five six one four five six and soon once my evac order comes and I’m going to have a drop leg force 1911 plus my moves and these are the 90s Fe again this is my loadout second healthy so let’s get started so my door they’re pretty on the site here houses are nameless how she was the best all right well gun portion I happen to be carrying on most occasions of the genuine top tech made by G&G this just happens to be an m4 model I have an aftermarket flash hider which is really nice normally I’ll have some really nice grips or rail covers was standard Braille standard heavy standard brainstorm the batteries I am running the light on last week myself now moving on to the helmet I am running the replicas Mitch mm helmets who doesn’t have a veil covers however I am also I have equipted Mohammed same cloth cover and a nice matches my camera I wear I am wearing the provisions with the clear ballistic anti-fog lenses which are really nice they don’t fog right here and a nice strap sometimes I wear I will wear a mesh base cover that is important we don’t want to get your teeth shot out however sometimes a cloth of it works just fine so guys um also for the weapon as you see this happens to be because I have kind of developed or rapid application normally in a game everyone the a I am won by five two for power scope it’s really nice they are this is illuminated and it can switch power on the fly via this little kind of terminal right here I do have a site right here bu is it’s just there for services I’m actually have a mock suppressor very nice foam fill so it actually somewhat semi works another aim ACOG replica this is for by only I have the patch a miscellaneous red dot sight on top here I can just take it off with one two cool it in carrying ambulance this way up here the original application injustice and to start right very powerful very nice okay guys now for the bottom I am wearing the emerson tactical combat we’ve had a little skeptical at first especially as you can see here i am running the 90s FD they are really nice there and one improvement however and they wear it just like ten trees with the i right all right thank you guys


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