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Airsoft Loadout – Daniel R. (2016)

Airsoft Loadout  – Daniel R. (2016)

hey guys this is Dan here aka our DBM number 54 and today I’ll be showing you guys my 2016 DMR loadout starting from the top down my base helmet is a Bravo BJ type fast helmet for my eye protection I have some Boogie regulator tinted goggles by Smith Optics and for lower face protection I have a milsim monkey balaclava the cover I’m using is a kryptek mandrake helmet cover for the ops core fast helmet and this is made by your tactical finally up top I have a V light strobe and a contour helmet mount first off I have my original mechanics gloves and multicam which actually go very well with the kryptek mandrake BD used by a war wolf these are Gentry’s and you’ll notice I have a combat shirt on as well of combat trousers now here on my plate carrée you’ll notice that I have a few different assorted magazines one for my bail Fang radio and the other for handgun magazines also with my new Baofeng set up those who are keen will have noticed I have an earpiece in that connects to my baby Fang radio and then up front I just have a generic admin pouch and right below I run one hundred and forty round elite force mid caps in my condor triple mag double stacker pouch I prefer the Bungie system on these mag pouches since it makes reloading quieter and more accessible and on the side we just have your standard m4 mag pouches and right behind that I have one of those elongated radio pouches for the military spec radio that it’s perfect for a thunder beat now on the back of my play carrier I have a hydration pouch a chem light and a zip tie because you never have enough zip ties and last but not least on my back panel I have my eye FAQ for milsim scenarios now moving back to my front left panel I call this my miscellaneous panel because I have a bunch of random crap on the front of it including an extra magazine pouch for a handgun now moving down a step I have a black skull conduct that’s cool and your standard OD green combat belt we also have a drop leg holster with my sidearm in H&K USP this drop leg holster is made by Condor and has one additional handgun magazine pouch also note that this drop leg holster is universal and will fit virtually any pistol these particular combat trousers by warwolf come with Sona knee pads lastly moving down to the combat boots these are by our original SWAT and they are nine inch originals now on to my primary this is a GMP M for spra this particular rifle is heavily modified to be a DMR type rifle among the custom modifications I have installed I have up front an evite brand suppressor followed by a knight’s armament rail GMP lower and upper receiver and a GMP stock the sling that I chose to run with this rifle is a blackhawk one point sling and it is very comfortable now the optics package you’ll see on this gun is a Simmons variable zoom rifle scope with a red dot sight on top or quick target acquisition and now I’ll conclude this loadout video if you like what you see feel free to like and subscribe to our youtube channel if you have any questions or comments about feel free to leave a comment in the comment section down below and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability also don’t forget about our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook and that’ll be it see y’all you


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