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Airsoft loadout

ok we’re doing a review on a better review we want to do a load out on video on terminar soft slow down this is probably my primary it’s a Bravo three bursts shotgun as a 10-shot capacity shell type magazine which I do not have right now let it just goes right there we will do early on this later but just Bravo labor shotgun and then we do not have a whole bunch of airsoft gear we do have families but I’m not wearing them because I really don’t feel like putting them on it’s a hot day in Arizona so but now i’m wearing a ncstar tactical vest forty dollars pretty nice we’re not any bit of area to put molly on but right now I just have what’s serving me as a dump pouch right now since I don’t like the whole structure I have it right here picture beer through yet and it also comes with the Taco Bell tactical belt which is pretty nice I have some patches I have a definite cannock patch but I don’t have them on right now so now we will do last year’s load up again we are not wearing camis because we really do not feel like funny enough and sorry about my messy room finish dboys full metal and for anyone this is probably my primary we will do like I said we will do with you on our guns later I do have a Sig Sauer which serves up my sidearm six-hour SP 2022 we’ll do a review on that one this is it ncstar ACU tactical list yes diamond tactical is a cross dr s yeah it’s digital we have the 08 saw tonight ripped mine is also cross draw vest just differences is he has the radio pouch right here and obviously his is a see you mine is tan because i’m an arizona and he is someone else on here a radio pouch is he carries a bunch of babies we do not have a bunch of em for max we’re going to get some mid caps to put but for forty dollar vests that serves kind of good as like old practice vest which is what we use them for but if you really just want to do a hardcore airsofting do not get these type of us there’s no Molly whatsoever because this velcro this is any molly like mine oh and i forgot my phone also has an apple boy i have on my magazines i have high capacity i have this 450 on high-capacity and that’s his med i have a um 350 on high-capacity with magpul but um those are our guns we are going to get lots more stuff so don’t forget comment rate and subscribe


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