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what’s up guys this cryptic sex often today I’m going to be doing a review on my loadout I’m going to include the prices are you guys are going to be hearing me saying that I got stuff off of wish a lot i’ll put the description i’ll put the link in the description below for the link for wish so let’s get into it this is a emerson fast helmet it was like twenty dollars the goggles were about eleven dollars on Amazon their Lancer tactical the flashlight was probably about fifty dollars and I just mounted on the side of my helmet for night games so I can just turn it on um this face mask was about two dollars on wish so this blob on cover was about ten to fifteen dollars on Amazon arm this shemagh was about three dollars on wish these um these um gloves they have the oakley symbol on them but there were about eight dollars on wish now we’re going to be getting down lowered now I have this shirt arm which came with the pants I’ll show you in a minute um they came as a combo and they’re about $56 on wish I got dispatched for about five dollars this patch for about two dollars this one was I bought at my local field this one was all forced for about two dollars and it says liberty or death this one is just a Punisher that was about till two dollars off wish this one was from a scenario game at ambush that you get for free this one is um a get your Milsom fix I airsoft the aerosol junkies calm this way this came free with my purchase of my polar star this is the American flag I got the soft wish for about two dollars and then this was a medic that i got for about five dollars getting to my back I have my hydration pack that holds my polar star tank with my regulator um I kind of have it like taped onto my jpc too so that it doesn’t like flop up and down I have my line running through here that I can just easily pull out and put onto my polar star when I want to use it but I just kind of have it off to the side I have a condor single hold mag and this comes with this is just a 140 round a standard mid-cap uh with a magpul accessory on it I have 6 140 round mid caps I have a condor grenade holder which I just have my dummy in and then what is holding all this together is my jpc which I got off wish for about $56 and then I have a just a standard single point sling that i got for about twenty dollars Ulf amazon getting down lower I have my arm my tactical belt that i got for about eight dollars off amazon um you can just basically look up battle belt and then i have down lower is my pants that I got off wish in the shirt and the pants came together to pull it all together i just have standard military boots they’re pretty dirty because the last night walk on i went to it was a pretty muddy have my gun um which i showed in the previous video uh it just has a polar star Jack with upgrades um and this is basically if you guys enjoyed this video please like and subscribe arm if you guys have any video requests just comment down in the comment section thank you guys so much for watching


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