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airsoft loadout 1

I hi guys s watch for reviewer 1997 here and we’re going to be doing a video of my the guns i use so i use a sign up aks-74u this is the eighth underground map but i have which is frank this not sure you just come now this is why I’m my side one rpk-74 it came with the egg on the ground like the reason was with the back but it doesn’t actually stand up so the reason I have two guns is I use this word on what in games where I’m going to be doing a lot run around and I use this in games run do defense and on the this AK I’ll have a just a small string attached to the bolt where the stock would because I don’t really like the stock I’m not on now going why half this is just right the basic Chester I don’t know if there is a name for it cause I bought it off someone this actual rape has a big pouch in here which button to want the only part time I confess this mag and then it has three main purpose with this one I keep my to spare pistol magazine and then came back in here and the map became with the AKS at me for you in here then this I keep my pistol and get out with a with a magazine and this loss over here is use of a baby and if I get drum mag that’s probably what i’ll use one of these two pockets for now going off what I’m wearing I’m just wearing like this just like a brown ish t-shirt on this the material that’s rebreathe upon my shoulder is and by we’re just like camo trousers with pockets on them I do normally wet boots but I’m inside so I’m not wearing and I we’re just a basic face mask and if i’m not using cherry I use this face this adjustable Viper holster on just this green belt which is actually pretty good well my first used it though what does Eagle did break the holster thanks watching has been a review of my ass off you


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