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Airsoft Guns – Airsoft M4 and 1911 with Robert-Andre!

Airsoft Guns – Airsoft M4 and 1911 with Robert-Andre!

hi YouTube today I have a new gun video for you it’s not like any regular gun video I usually do like a nerf gun a Buzzbee gun or an exploders gun or a boon co gun like that this is an airsoft gun whoa now if you don’t know what an airsoft gun is what it is is an airsoft gun it’s like a BB gun but instead BB guns shoot these little metal balls airsoft guns shoot these little plastic balls so airsoft guns are a little bit safer than BB guns but it’s still a gun which means you still have to be careful whenever you’re doing target practice with in airsoft gun make sure to still wear eye protection head protection and protect it as much protection as you can do for your body because if you miss a target and hit something that’s metal the plastic ball will bounce off the metal and then it can come back and hit and hit you someone else or an animal if a BB hits an eye then it pops out and I mean it’s not like a Nerf dart which will just damage an eye so here is the video of my first airsoft gun this particular kit is the m4 one nine one one ops kit it comes with an m4 RIS and a Colt pistol the box doesn’t really give you an age but you should still get permission from your parents to get this so that’s the front of the box and here’s the back of the box the back of the box is blank yeah here’s everything okay the gun comes with instructions on on warnings like don’t shoot anybody or don’t give a baby a gun and how to put together the gun and here’s some targets you can shoot paper targets what you could just hang up and shoot or take to a cardboard box and shoot and here’s the whole gun so first I’m gonna take out all the pieces and show them to you fifty plastic bb’s I’m not going to use the bb’s in this video or shoot them because I’m a little bit too young when I’m like a little bit older like 11 or 12 I could use them bond I just like to collect them now so 1 1 I can shoot them I’m still gonna be keeping these that’s 50 bb’s it comes with camouflage next we have a flashlight and you just pull this part out press the button yeah it has a blue flashlight actually it has a grip to hold on to the gun here’s a 12 round magazine holds 12 bb’s a 300 round magazine holds 300 BBS the stock the cult pistol and the main direction the actual gun okay first I’m going to show you how to put the gun together first is putting on the grip you take the grip and this lever on it pull it down and keep holding it down and then slide it on and when it’s at the place you want just let go and it stays in there tight d next we’re gonna put the stock on if you ever want to take the grip off or move it we could just pull it move it to another spot let go to the place you want or just pull it slide it up if you don’t want it but I’m gonna keep it on for now yeah next is putting the stock on there gonna take the stock in the back and just slide it on they have this if you ever want to take the stock off what you need to do is hold this down pull back the stock you’ll show you this lever then you pull this slide it up that’s how to take it off and if you want ever want to leave it on you can also leave it pushed in like this if you like it like this or if you want to you can even leave it out but not take it off and leave it up like this I’m gonna keep it pushed in this is how to put the flashlight loosen the screw then you slide it onto the rail and then tighten the screw like this then your flashlights on I have to put the clip in take the clip and just slide it off then when you slide it in and it’s locked in when you want to take it out you just push down this button button and pull it out to load the bb’s in the clip you could just load them by here let them put a BB in push it down put a baby and push it down and roll it this goes up but if you would but if you want to put more bb’s in but if you want to put 300 rounds and just open this on the bottom and a fill that with PB s– and then close it there and then that’s your gun put together there’s two sights on this gun the rear sight in the front sight the rear sights actually a flip sight so you can leave it like this or flip it like this so there’s a bigger site here and a smaller site now the safety the safe mode in the auto mode if now on most guns you would just put it on auto and you can pull the trigger and copy it and put it on safe or you can’t you can’t pull the trigger and can’t it but this gun this says safe in Auto but it has the opposite for some reason so if I put it to auto that’s actually safe and if I put it to safe it’s actually Auto then to load the gun you take the charging handle back here and pull it back firmly until you hear a click like that and then release it and then you can pull the trigger and then you pull it back again pull the trigger and that’s how to shoot it so let’s talk about the Colt pistol the cult pistol doesn’t doesn’t have anything to put together there’s a switch around the front this one actually isn’t the opposite it’s right so if you want it to safe mode you can’t it or pull the trigger put this and pull it up all the way like this I tell you here at clip you can’t pull the trigger can’t it what you can it but you can’t pull the trigger like even after you it she’ll can’t pull it to turn off your safe you pull you pull this and pull it all the way down I can shoot it see and I can it there now to put them to put the magazine in you just take the magazine simply put it in to take it out you just push this button it falls right out so yeah that’s the pistol one more thing I’m the gun there’s also a sling mount on the bottom here where you can attach a band of the air or you can sling something on so there’s a flashlight and you would hold the gun like this turn on your flashlight I like that you would hold your pistol like this and the gun and the charging handle okay so here’s safety rules about this gun these guns are only meant for target practice never point them at any human animal or creature yeah whenever you’re storing an airsoft gun don’t only leave it don’t only leave it on safety mode also make sure no bb’s are in the clip take the clip out store your bb’s where no one but you can find them put it on safety mode and lock it in a case where no one can see them make sure everything is on safety mode take out and take out the clips make sure there’s no extra bb’s in the clips or anything and only put bb’s in the clips or only put the clips in and do not aim at anything or anybody unless you’re ready to shoot it yeah that’s the end of the video so this was my first airsoft gun bye YouTube please subscribe like comment and share this video and always remember this peace out


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