what’s up guys keeping you from yourself checking today i’m bringing you guys another airsoft unboxing video this is the one from airsoft GI there should be the rest of my gear that i bought so without further ado why don’t we go ahead and just get right into it let’s open it right up so there it is looks like it’s a pretty packed box though seems like they kind of try and stuffed everything in one box but we’ll see okay thats and that’s a lot of tape alright there’s no way that’s coming off perfect okay see where we got i’m gonna move this real quick to something to hold that down alright so what did I get alright so remove all the paper and for some reason they gave me another patch that’s really weird okay so that’s kind of weird I didn’t order this I didn’t put it in my cart or anything so I already have this if I tell you I have to kill you but ok that’s pretty cool got another free patch so first thing I got you belt or actually no this should be a sling actually so here try and uh you know cut me some slack i don’t remember everything that i bought you know the exact names let’s just see what this bad boy is wow ok yeah so this should be if this didn’t rip not ok you just got to put it together yeah so this should be a sling of some sort i’m not really sure how it’s supposed to go yet but it’s some type of sling as you guys can see so i don’t have to figure it out looks pretty nice though actually not too bad it’s all tan everything’s matching though which i’m liking so it’s not like they’re different tan colors so this bad boy this should be the belt system I’m not sure if it let’s take a look that’s a bit of the all right let’s paper away so here we go let’s check it out yep this is definitely the belt system as you can see would wrap around just like so let me snap it back in to place pull this guy up actually does it wanna go up a little bit there it is all right snap it into place you got your belt as you can see got the thump out right there and then you got your dealer your m4 mag that fixed our pouches again if you get a lot of them for pouches yeah it looks like it can store one in each should i’ll be an extra two m4 pouches right there already have a ton of that’s like 20 m4 mags that can run between my chest right now in the belt system so there’s now you’re going to dump pouch the extra magazine pouches so there’s that got some styrofoam Pope popcorn things or whatever for packaging alright so what’s this all right let’s take this out and this is the mesh mask alright cool remove the scissors real quick alright so here we go see really open it comes out it’s actually really big I wasn’t expecting it to be this big as you guys can see so I’m sure it kind of just conforms around your face you have to bend it a little bit I think alright well looks pretty neat flip it around for you guys sets the inside actually again this is the outside so that my goggles would go right there hopefully it fits if it doesn’t fit I’m gonna be pretty upset but hopefully I can try and make it work somehow but that is the mesh mask so it looks pretty nice so the last and final thing how to do packages and it looks like we got some papers on the bottom but will not worry about that right now so here we go all that out of the way all right so here we go got the helmet you let me bring everything back into the camera frame now got the weird sling I’m not really sure if I’m happy with that but we’re gonna figure it out coffee built system you got the mask so now let’s take a look at what this is oh it’s the helmet alrighty so let’s open this guy up looks like it opens crazily their tape oh there we go ha alright and it just comes completely apart okay so here we go let’s take a look open this bag up slide it right on out oh it looks pretty nice those pretty nice I’ll get it close up on all this you guys just in case you’re wondering so it looks like we got some more padding in this little bag right here I’ll get a close-up for you guys right there up the helmet got the inside of the helmet looks pretty nice not not too bad it’s kind of just like a bicycle helmet you have the nice cordage up here you got some rails over there you got some velcro to put any patches that you like but so far I’m liking what I’m seeing what I got so the only thing I’m questioning is umesh mask hopefully you can fit with my goggles and then the sling but the sling was only like seven bucks i think was really cheap so i might have to spend a little bit more money to get a decent quality sling but then again i don’t really need a sling cuz i don’t have a pistol holster yet for my pistol so i don’t think i’ll be running a pissed i’ll probably just put it in an m4 pouch on my chest rig because i have so many pouches but that’s going to be for this unboxing you guys i might get some close-ups in this next segment if there isn’t another signature this i apologize but anyways though that’s it for this for you guys so hopefully you enjoyed this unboxing my lo de it’s basically complete I just don’t have that you know the shirt the pants and boots but I’ll get those eventually oh and the pistol holster but I’ll get those eventually but yeah so again guys hopefully you enjoyed this unboxing I’m really liking what I got so far and hopefully I can bring you guys some more airsoft gameplay footage with my new gopro but that’s going to be for this video guys so again hopefully you enjoyed and until next time I’ll see you guys later you


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