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Airsoft Gameplay | Lafayette 2 : Battle for Paris 1/2 | Cyma RPK-74 | 60 FPS

Airsoft Gameplay | Lafayette 2 : Battle for Paris 1/2 | Cyma RPK-74 | 60 FPS

Mission: Take the gates of the Fort. Eliminate all enemy resistance. Me : I open the angle with the RPK…? Teammate : Have you seen how much they are in the shed ? Me : Yes, exactly. Teammate : We must make a simultaneous attack.

Teammate : Hey guys ! We will attack simultaneously both inputs. Teammate : Be careful Fab. Me : Go ahead ! Me : They are “OUT”. FOE : Contact ! Need reinforcements ! FOE : Ah ! RPK ! We must buy RPK ! Me : One ! (New care system by using number and body part) Medic : You have nothing ! Medic : You’re not hurt this time.

Teammate : Fab, where did it shot from earlier ? Teammate : Psst ! We’ll see what they will do. Me : They are in the bulding. One can go help them on the side. We must try. Me : Good idea, but i decline.

They’re too many. Teammate : We stay here. Teammate : About ammunition, how are you? Me : I’m alright. Teammate : There is a group of FCU behind the castle wall. Teammate : They might be preparing an attack.

Me : Arriving at the hospital, we are in the line of descent of the stairs. Teammate : We follow you. Me : “US Team” on the right. Teammate : Well done ! You’ve got one. Me : Yes, but he is being healed.

Me : If I cover, you can go to the wall ? Teammate : Which one? Me : The one with the red dot. Teammate : Affirmative. When you want Fab. Me : On my next big burst. Teammate: Affirmative ! Me : It is “OUT”.

Teammate : Be careful ! Teammate : Don’t move your head ! Me : That’s good ! The three are “OUT”. Teammate : Be careful Fab ! FOE : You shot by the windows ? It’s forbidden. Me: No, the door. Me : Both are “OUT”.

Me : Hey ! Smiles Company ! We need reinforcements. Teammate : Fab, tell us where you’re going, and we will follow you. Me : Basket field ! Teammate : Ok, Basket, you won. FOE : Well done ! Teammate : It is near ? It is right there ? Me : It is “OUT”.

Me : We need to go there frankly. Me : A big rush. Teammate : Be careful with enemies’s grenades. Me : That’s why we must go quickly. Me : Volunteers ? Teammates : Yes ! Me : Come on ! I take the shield.

Come on ! Come on ! Me : There remains one on the left. Me: A grenade ! Just on the other side. Teammate: Grenade ! Me: Grenade ! Teammate: A defensive shield ! Teammate: I’m with you ! Me: Be a barbarian, it always works.

Me: By cons, this requires a pause after. This breakthrough allowed the taking of the gates of Fort. This video is dedicated to all the “OUT”, allies as enemies, who fell for this. And they are many..



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