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AIRSOFT [GamePlay] | La RTB | Secret Story of NASH | [HD] Subs Francais

AIRSOFT [GamePlay] | La RTB | Secret Story of NASH | [HD] Subs Francais

I sent Nybbas with my ghilie all day in infiltration in front, he informs us by radio we have the rosette lit ahah I love my sig for its fast reloads then I remove the empty magazine on the right to put a full one on the left when it’s quieter we are at the fort, there is no one we will go to the sheepfold through the village ah a little wind, it relieves me Nybbas is shifted to our left Niok: “I have nothing left !!” you do not hear the return of my radio because I am using a dual com comtac Ah, there he is the medics rules are simplistic but there were beginners, and it was a no-brainer day Nybbas recharge, I cover it Nybbas: “yes I also saw, I sent 2 supports to the left” the 2 on the ground are out I aim for a third further shit he got respawn instantly damn already out sorry guy empty refill that’s it Nybbas has just come out so he is very close behind their back let’s take the opportunity to move and take our places “we are burnt” then forward, action Niok: “we have to go over it, he will respawn it” GRENAAADE !!!! I didn’t understand where I took it barely heard it Niok just gave him a reflex shot in the head 14m ago but it’s never pleasant he goes to see him to make sure that all is well Gecko: “put your finger up your ass, you’ll see!” Many plays with Nybbas’ mp5 apparently it runs well, it frag a lot poor Nybbas, he’s been waiting for us for 10min in the village, I rout him to the sheepfold a sniper has just engaged Niok at 15m he’s starting out, I’m going to put pressure on him for his baptism, for fun he runs the rabbit here it is Niok: “you relaxed him I think” Niok: “no, no, there were 15 at least” no misunderstanding everyone out, it’s easier niok: “I see nothing? !!” the principle of coverage what! Niok sees a snipe ouuhhh, hot for me Nybbas is out in front of me, I’m going to thank him in my own way for his camera right in her ass lulu thanks again coupaing for this montage


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