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Airsoft CQB Loadout

Airsoft CQB Loadout

but when they feel this thick people me but I can’t feel nothing what’s up guys Palace here I’m here to show you my new loadout for CQB because I don’t really play outdoor play my new CQB now I’m starting with the gun this is my G&G mp5 of course this is the a mag brand 95 round plastic mid capacity magazine it fits in pretty well meets perfectly the battery that I using this gun is this big thing right here this large type nine point six twelve four thousand milliamp battery which gives us kind of a ridiculously awesome rate of fire yeah it’s fun okay moving on them just had these fingerless gloves that I picked up a few years ago pretty fun don’t get shot on the nub it doesn’t get I don’t get hurt and my gosh on the knuckles that’s what’s cool then here this is the Condor MCR for ops chest streak basically it’s a small Chester with Molly on the front and the sides and honestly it works great for what I do all I need is a moment a dunk pouch that’s all I really need on the field for CQB is nothing really else and then here you can see that I’ve chosen to put my knife here so if I have to and I’m here just pull it out then go straight for the knife or I’m using my sidearm which is my kwa 8cp obviously and I’m going around and I have it out I just all I got to do it is pull it out there you go and that’s not like some type of stupid mom or a thick mono or four to thing like people actually do whole knives like this it’s not just video games whether that’s my rant for the day but the ATP just goes in this small little crevice and just straight great here and it’s in there pretty tight it’s not gonna come out I don’t I don’t really bounce around so I don’t see how we would come out but moving on this is the condor mp5 mag pouch i have 300 around mid capacity magazines from cy ma they were written as the matrix of course even the evic does that but they were made by cy MA and then over here this is my TMC folding dump pouch then you can get off the Hobby Asia for like $8.

00 it’s a decent dump pouch I don’t really like it because it’s so big that things can just fly out I have lost I have drawn magazines while runyan coming out of this thing but it does the job it’s worth it’s only $8 so you get what you paid for and I need paper I got it from a friend then down here this is an OE tech pistol belt in desert tan I fake desert tan because I wanted like no I have just a single black flowed out 99 my dumb pouches Oh deep but I don’t really care I don’t have any more magnets for the ATP yet unfortunately because they’re kind of expensive and I didn’t really feel like paying for it and but in these pistol mag cottages I just hold two speed loaders 200 run speed loaders there’s the size of pistol magazines so they work perfectly in sorry for the lighting here my mic curtains are kind of whatever they’re called I don’t know they just they’re get there in the Sun right now and it’s always but that’s basically my entire loadout it’s not that many that’s not it’s not a lot of things so loadout probably cost around 400 to 450 dollars altogether it’s not too expensive like people who spend like $3,000 on loadouts which is honestly ridiculous I have everything I need right here for a small price I mean this is the site but I didn’t even purchase all at once it was all over the past like two years of airsoft I’ve been doing so honestly it’s not that bad but that’s my entire load up for CQB and I hope you guys liked it


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